increase eco speed in cygnus

  • hey guys

    what do you think of increasing eco speed in cygnus to the max possible?

    i guess it would be x8

    the top accounts keep on doing expos and we cant catch up with that, at least in that way we would be able to grow ours accs quicker

  • First off, a little movie trivia. Did you know that in 2001: A Space Odyssey, they named the evil computer “HAL” as a nod to IBM, taking the previous letter from each position to form a new acronym?

    Back to your question. Cygnus eco speed is already x7, but that won’t help, as the real problem is the type of players in the top accounts. I like to think of them as ANS’s. Until GF goes through and appropriately deals with ANS players, I recommend you play in any other server that is not Cygnus.

  • but for us that have accounts there wouldn't it be nice to increase.

    with the item we can move out of cygnus but until then i would like to grow the acc. we have possibility of 8x eco . A voting at least would be good?