Xmas Logo Competition - 2020 (Prizes to be won!)

  • So it is close to that time of year when all things are merry :beer:

    In that case I think we need a bit of jazz on the board, reintroducing the Christmas logo competition to 2020 !

    This is the base template to be used:


    The logo is 381x128 pixels and cannot be larger

    A few basic conditions and notes:

    • By participating, you grant Gameforge the right to use your work
    • You affirm material that was used that was approved by the author for commercial use
    • The OGame logo linked above must serve as the basis
    • The format of the logo (dimensions and file format) should not be changed
    • Do not add any signatures to the logo (e.g. your name)
    • Pay attention to the preservation of transparency (the logo must fit seamlessly into the standard forum design)
    • Image elements should not protrude (be cut off)

    Apart from those few conditions, let your imagination run wild for your logo to win a chance to feature as the board logo over Xmas 2020 and some cheeky dark matter as an extra prize!

    The logo does not necessarily have to represent Christmas but try keep to the wintry theme.

    Placement Prize
    1st €10 DM Coupon
    2nd €3 DM Coupon x2
    3rd €3 DM Coupon

    If there are a lot of entries prizes may be extended!

    Here is some inspiration of some winners over the last few years:
    (Attention, these logo's were based of a slightly different logo and size)

    XMas_ogame_de_2017_c552d83ae7b879371a15f2017b0f0b1e.png XMas_ogame_de_2015_cd2f241371fad019d7984f081d2672dc.png XMas_ogame_de_2016_3cd5709a7b99757433c44f9b3c2073bf.png

    XMas_ogame_de_2012_e7d790736e3516404c139b50cd74ccaa.png XMas_ogame_de_2011_6a4779b93ce4e7bf54bcb1d11f4cbe2b.png XMas_ogame_de_2018_71d121e7abde28167ed9c79e1e45fb28.png

    You can simply post your work in this thread.

    It is preferable that you prepare WIPs (Work in Progress, unfinished versions) in order to get feedback from others.

    Important - Please indicate the final work clearly by labeling it as such in your post! (e.g. just write "Final" in the post )

    You can submit multiple entries, if you do so please try to keep the concepts as different as possible between them. If multiple entries are submitted you can only win the prize for your entry in the highest placement.

    Previous thread for reference:

    Xmas-Logo 2015 - Entries

    Current .de logo event:


    Have fun and looking forward to hopefully seeing some amazing entries! :thumbsup:

    Submission deadline: 30/11/2020

    There is in every one of us, even those who seem to be most moderate, a type of desire that is terrible, wild, and lawless.”



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  • Extending deadline two days for any last minute submissions.

    Submission deadline: 02/12/2020 - 23:59 Server Time

    There is in every one of us, even those who seem to be most moderate, a type of desire that is terrible, wild, and lawless.”