Goodbye Marketplace

  • I'd be willing to wager that it'll be back with some sort of DM copay for every offer/search posted to make it a revenue generator for them.

    that + its a year too late anyways

    but oh well

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  • Can you please all stop complaining after each initiatives?

    We all know that at this point in time, the marketplace needs some serious work/tweaks and we all agree it's one year too late.

    Market push is an issue in all servers with market ON...

    Let's give them some time to rethink it, maybe change a few things and see how it goes.

    It may not be for the worst after all to have it disabled..

    And let's be honest, everyone has been waiting for this happen.

    I would rather have a feature removed/blocked while not working as expected rather than fighting vs accounts/peoples (we can not name players) where it's lost in advance..

    Looking forward to any update on this.

  • If you read my last post you would see I said scrap all the classes and make everyone account equal problem solved everyone should be able to build all the ship in the shipyard .

    And yes you can get pathfinders and reapers from expos so why don't you allow us to get crawlers as well. ?

    As soon as someone hits me I will loose all my crawlers so will anyone else that purchased them on the marketplace,

    what a stuff up for sure and GF will just hide behind the volunteers.

    GF gives us the honest truth why remove the marketplace and is it going to come back ??? and if not why bring it out in the first place ??

    Give everyone the opportunity to use the marketplace if you have any issue with pushing put a limit on it at the least its not that hard .

  • If you read my last post you would see I said scrap all the classes and make everyone account equal problem solved everyone should be able to build all the ship in the shipyard .

    Well I cannot imagine that the entire MCO is scrapped like that. I wouldn't be surprised to see some tweaks though here in the future.

    And yes you can get pathfinders and reapers from expos so why don't you allow us to get crawlers as well. ?

    Crawlers don't fly - same as sats. Finding them ina different way would be a good thing tough.

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  • Surprised so many people have such a negative attitude about shutting down the MP.

    I can only assume these comments are coming from people that didn't understand just how much this was encouraging pushing. It was abused in a HUGE way. This being shut down is a positive step. There are other benefits to getting rid of that too. People will actually have to fly ships for doing trades, instead of use a MP feature which meant no fleet required and thus nothing to hunt if you are a fleeter.

    Yes, we will need some other solution for the ships you cannot buy.

    Yes, the communication and the lack of notice sucks.

    But MP was broken in so many ways, this is great news as far as I am concerned.

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  • I disagree the marketplace was awesome I used it all the time to trade I do not have to search for someone to trade with or to worry about been tracked when doing manual trade or when fleeter s give lower rates than is fair and I don't have to worry about been attacked because I can not always fill my obligations .

    This way I can post up my res and anyone can purchase them at the permitted rates aloud, I don't have to be online to trade. that is a bonus and makes it hard to tell when I am on or offline.

    So look outside the box the market place benefit everyone that used it and understood how to use it , especially miners would of benefited from it if they used it correctly to get the most from there res and a better rate when they trade on the market .

    Its to bad players abuse the marketplace it was an awesome way to trade excess fleet from expo but I guess I will go back to scrapping fleet at 35% with the merchant.

    Yes its is a way to push I agree with you there and players no matter what GF does those that cheat will always find a way.

    If GF used there brains they could see what was coming and put a limit on purchases and sales then we would still be able to enjoy the market place. If you want to stop some of the cheating from happening the simply solution is no add ons aloud in game nothing then that will reduce some of the cheating !

    Don't worry GF will stuff up general class and collector class as well. They already stuffed up Discovery class it will happen, it has to they cant help themselves but to stuff up more of the game.

  • Crawlers don't fly - same as sats. Finding them ina different way would be a good thing tough.

    Now that would be a great idea I would be happy with that and i am sure others would be as well.

    But also as far as I know rips, recycler, and colony ships fly but they are not found in expos that I know of I have not found any to date but I could be wrong:thinking:

  • yes true , market place is awesome with the proper rates :) pushing is very easy to fix just make the prices of ships cannot exceed the points 1-1 by 20+/- % of the value or less so to discourage pushing..

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  • Marketplace as it was needed to be shut down, but I hope they will bring it back fixed.

    Not having a marketplace and being forced to trade manually is so time consuming and prehistoric. A modern game must have this feature.

    Fix is easy... Completely remove ship trading (or at least class ship) and force ratios that do not allow abuse.

    Classes have no point if everyone can get any kind of class ship. Without class ship trading every class will be truly unique and the choice of class will have a much bigger impact.

    Now we'll have lots of Generals taking care of their Pathfinders like gold, Discoverers their Reapers, and both of them their Crawlers...

  • to me it is not such a huge problem marketplace or no marketplace, bugs or no bugs

    the huge issue for me is lack or even if you want practically zero communication from GF

    MP is off in less than 24h

    merge is in 72h, info about what after is non existant

    info about merge item is non existant

    nothing about the plans

    not talking about issues

    it is not that hard, just look what other game developers do, have 1 guy spend 1h/week to write 1 post and answer 5 questions, that is all we need

    but it seems we are asking too much

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  • It is a shame that marketplace is shutdown, it should be fixed but not removed because marketplace has some good side of it that we really enjoy using it.

    Regardless of how GF handle thing, there is no doubt that sale of DM is their top priority, no matter how much we complain, we also need to aware that if they are no sale of DM, then this game will die too because they will not have money to support the development and support of ogame. But what we hope is a balance approach so that while DM sale could continue, and players could continue to enjoy this game too.

    So let's hope that while they are shutting it down due to less DM sale, something new may be emerge soon that allows us to continue using Marketplace and GF continue to have sale of DM.

  • Imo, closing marketplace will make each classes stronger for they own purpose and maybe make them even more relevant than ever.

    It will be interesting to see how things go now.


    They will be the only one to get crawlers in the end and that's a good thing.

    Collector are supposed to be miners with mines producing much better ratio than other classes. (the 50% from crawlers is too marginal)

    They will have the fastest cargoes ships = perfect for trading.


    Will be the only players getting reapers.

    Reapers is maybe the strongest item in the General kit with additional moon fields.


    Still overpowered as can get both benefits from two other classes: Get more res and find reapers.

    But kinda fair as you need to farm expo and be active. (not everyone can do that, only most dedicated players and they are correctly rewarded.)

    With the above mentioned, there is still the "black hole event" making the equation more balanced.

    I understand it would be nice to all have crawlers for everybody has produce more res. Who does not want more res.

    But looks more like a feature for a Collector :wink3:

    Overall, the market shutting down might be for the best.

    - Empower classes and make them more relevant.

    - Stop the issue of market push

    - Will force players to communicate/interact with each others and make the server feel more "alive" (not only arguing after being crashed/bashed)

    AND GF has the time to work on a product that works well and does not kill the game - if they can make it work without being abused..

  • With barely 24 hours notice of the Marketplace being removed, this had all the traits of a typical GF rash decision.....

    ..... a bug preventing the collection of trades :headwall:

  • [chant]Nuts and bolts, nuts and bolts...we got screwed![/chant]


    Hopefully we get it back in some form or was nice being able to buy/sell excess ships from expos or ships from people that decided to go from fleeter to miner. Also, it was nice to sell items found on expos to ally mates and friends that can't afford to buy boosters with DM. Sure, it gets abused...but with the rampant scripting and bug using taking place you're gonna draw the line on this?

    And again, not everyone follows the ingame message would have been nice. I mean c'mon, the fake oGame site bots communicate better with us than oGame itself does.