Board auto selecting new foreign servers for my acc to follow

  • Hey, I wondered if anyone was having the same problem I am having. I will describe it below and it's not a huge deal, but always a little pesky when it happens.

    The backstory is that when I came back to Ogame, my old board account was gone so I needed to create another one. Obviously there have been many different changes including the "great purge" which has almost completely erased my previous Ogame existence. Anyhow, when I created my account I used the "Forum On/Off" tool to turn off all of the other communities except .org and I selected certain sections of .org to turn off as well. The remaining lets me know how many unread threads I have in the red number next to the word Forum on the banner at the top of every page. I try to keep this number at 0 or as low as possible so that I'm current on the happenings in the community.

    I have noticed that when a new universe opens for .org, the new universe is always automatically "Turned On" and I can see the new forum section on my dashboard which is fine and I do not mind.

    However, what I do kinda mind is that at random times, usually exactly when or shortly after a new server starts in another community (such as .ru), the forum is also "Turned On", but I cannot see that uni in the dashboard.

    Since I cannot see the foreign board the only way I realize I am following a new section there is when I have more unread threads on the top banner than what I can see on my dashboard. For example, today I was working through the forum posts and got down to 11 longer threads that I will work my way through as time permits. I could see 11 when I added up the sections on my dashboard. The number on the top banner was 34. Wait.....?

    *Goes to unread threads* I see I was "following" a .ru uni and another uni Kass-something in another community even though they are not showing up on my dashboard. *sigh*

    Look, I can turn them off and it's not a huge deal, but it can be a little annoying sometimes especially when there are a lot of threads or multiple foreign boards that get turned on because then I think I have a lot of reading to do, plus I have to find them in the "On/Off" menu.

    Is anyone else having this problem? Thanks for the feedback.



  • Heyas,

    sadly this is something we cannot change or even could be changed.

    It is part of the software as such.

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