Hey Ortos

  • Well hello there.

    I used to be ARAYA/Call an Ambulance the last PoKeMoN in pre-merge uni11, ARAYA the deut bish in pre-merge uni25, radlock/bRADy the n00b in pre-merge uni2.

    Any old timers out there? Ugh my back hurts.

  • Hai, I remember You because of Your cute/funny avatar and because You were Beyonder's friend and he was my friend too <3 I think the Pokemon's were the most funny bunch of people back in the days , I used to read board of 11th Uni , was fun to read like good comic ....always a lot of fun and humor <3

    I think You were in Caledonia's ally in 25th Uni :?:

    Hope You are doing good .... some Thai massage for back :P:?:

  • Yeah it's all coming back. I played with Beau and Iain and all those guys, I had all of them on MSN Messenger, you know, it was too much fun. Or you're too young and you don't :dead: