OGame : Available Fields

  • Name

    • Info : Displays in the small list of planets the number of fields that are available.
    • Author : Hardox ( v1.0 based on script 'Campos disponibles' v1.3 jgarrone - @ 2018 )
    • License : MIT
    • Website : https://openuserjs.org
    • Support : https://openuserjs.org/scripts…e_Available_Fields/issues
    • Download : https://openuserjs.org/scripts…ox/OGame_Available_Fields
    • Current version : 1.5
    • Browser test : Firefox + Tampermonkey + AGR + OGAME 7.6.0-pl1
    • Languages : all
    • Features:
      • Three color levels depending on the number of fields available.
      • Replace the colony name with the moon name when the moon is activated, and moon fields are displayed to the right of the moon name (you can finally see the name of the active moon at all times)
      • Colony fields are displayed to the left of the name
      • It can show negative values. For example, when the General class has been transferred to another, the moons may have more occupied fields than the current ones.
    • Screenshot:


    P.S.: Sorry, I use google translate.

  • Updated to version 1.71
    - It shows the same, whether the AGR plugin is activated or not.
    - Code improvements

    link: Standar version

    Infinity Plugin: v. 0.1
    Specific version for this plugin.
    The appearance changes compared to the standard version, but the philosophy of showing the number of available fields and the names of the colonies / moons is maintained.

    link : Infinity version