BBcode Reply - Board Script.

  • Hello,

    Firstly, sorry for my approximativ english, i understand but for writing it's not the same.

    For explain this script :

    After installation, you have a pop up it say "Enter your code in your options". This pop up is display all time after actualisation.

    Let's go, direction a new answer or new post.


    A you can see there is one button option.

    When you click on, a pop up is displayed. You can choose your option as you want.


    You can insert the bbcode in first and write after.

    You can write first and inster bbcode after.

    You can post automatically after beautify or not.

    More fonctionality :


    Orange button for open all of subject unread. (One subjet, one tab).


    Red button for close tab. Only if it's open with script or with center click of the mouse (scroll click).


    Yellow button for open all of new notification.

    Team Manager

  • Hello.

    Update 0.8.0 :

    • [Backup] Revocation of tooltips.
    • [News] Language option available. If you want other language, tell me.
    • [News Beta] First letter coloration.

    Team Manager