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  • German Part / Deutscher Teil:

    English Part

    Are you interested in a multilingual version? Please tell me ;-) I will see what is possible.

  • yes is a good idea please add English

    Yπάρχουν άνθρωποι που καταλαβαίνουν...

    άνθρωποι που δεν καταλαβαίνουν...

    άνθρωποι που καταλαβαίνουν ότι δεν κατάλαβαν...

    και άνθρωποι που δεν θα καταλάβουν ποτέ!!!


  • Thank you two for your answers. I will start creating a blanc excel sheet with multi language possibility. After that I can copy the code and all input windows into the multi language sheet. That would be the best option for a clean version, so that it isn't a thrown together work at all :biggrin:


    Already today I could tell my trading partners how I want to arrange the trade at the beginning of April (purchase quantity, sales quantity).

    My calculation for this is based on my mine production and a generous margin for inactive farms and expeditions, so that shifts forward rather than backward are to be expected.

    NoMoreAngel : But before I start, what are my chances that my tool will be a tolerated one?

  • If you ask me 0%, if you ask Danimanza more like 99.999% as it is just an excel file.


  • NoMoreAngel Oh...I had the information, that you're the one, whom I would have to ask. Oh noooo, 0 % isn't good. No calculation file for the others. Complaints to him, please :biggrin::evilgrin2:

    Thank you for your help and information, that it would be the best choice to ask Danimanza.

    What can you tell me Danimanza ? My file is mainly for trade plannings.

  • Hello, Hello dear community,

    I have noticed that a subsequent integration of a second language will be very time-consuming, so that it does not make much sense to pursue this further with the current status.

    Through an internal Excel training course at my employer, I have learned a few tricks that I would like to adopt. In the coming Easter week I'll be on holiday, so I'll get back to work.

    To give you some proof, here are two screenshots.

    Programming Page and Setting Userform

    With a clear new start, based on the current table, I can structure everything in the right order and make my work easier.

    Through personal use, I have also noticed two small errors that do not affect the function at the moment, among others in the save construction in the first project, which is not deleted.

    Also through personal use, I have noticed that it is not exactly unlikely that the project order will be changed in the meantime. A possible solution is already in my brain, but whether this can be implemented remains to be seen. In addition, I will introduce another innovation in the project planning area to make the use more individual.

    To reduce the waiting time to a minimum, I will limit the bilingual version to the most relevant features. This means that only after a new release will further updates include a flight time and consumption calculator (plus determination of necessary transport ships). The same applies to the statistical report.

    Have a good easter weekend

    Kitsune no Koe

    Translated with (free version)