2020 OGame Year in Review

  • Hello players,

    I would like us to take a moment and reflect on this last year in OGame.

    Tell me who you would place in these categories looking back over this last year:

    Top 5 fleeters

    Top 5 miners

    Most feared player

    Most improved player

    Top alliance

    Most feared alliance

    What you believe to be the best hit

    Remember, board rules apply so no bashing/trolling/flaming/ etc.

    I made this a spam thread so the rules will be more lax, but keep the banter friendly please.

  • Top 5 fleeters - The purchase DM button

    Top 5 miners - The purchase DM button

    Most feared player - The purchase DM button

    Most improved player - The purchase DM button

    Top alliance - The one that invested the most into The purchase DM button

    Most feared alliance - The purchase DM button

    What you believe to be the best hit - mine on sirfips :)

    Warned for trolling

    - Madoka

  • It would be pretty hard to say that. Because of the recent merge. We don't really know what was here before us. We care only about our universe, about our game, about our wallet.


  • Top 5 fleeters - Wheatly, Confederation, Invino, N-E-O, Kashi

    Top 5 miners - Wheatly and Duke

    Most feared player - Definitely Wheatly

    Most improved player - Confederation

    Top alliance - APEX

    Most feared alliance - APEX

    What you believe to be the best hit

    The Show down between the 2 Top alliances

    ACS Top 01 - [TOT: 240.003.858.500] Invino [PocoLoco] & Eveleate [PocoLoco] & ConQuest [PocoLoco] & Dani [PocoLoco] & The sleeping Sheep vs. Covid-19 [Apex] & Confederation [Apex] & veevee [Apex] & El Cyb [Apex] (A: 126.913.503.000, D: 113.090.355.500)

  • Top 5 fleeters: invino, wheatly, confederation, kashi

    Top 5 miners: ealeveate, rias

    Most feared player: obviously Wheatly

    Most improved player: Tizoc/alzakh in 3 weeks time grew 11x its size. From about 120mill points to 1.25bn point. Go figure. All legal ofcourse, not cheating at all.

    Top alliance: kowboys, fair players and not cheating at all...

    Most feared alliance: obviously Apex. We make people spend their christmass money on dark matter.

    What you believe to be the best hit: Hitting the buy DM button

    Not trolling here, just stating facts.

    Any mod giving me a warning over this your trying to censor my rights for freedom of speech and your the one trolling.

    Warned for trolling


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  • top 5 fleeter: confederation, wheatly, kashi, invino and conquest....

    Top 5 miners: rias, nomad, seylens aka Blackadder, mostaris, jade

    Most feared: wheatly (obviously)

    Most improved: he was n1 in bella, but he started bellatrix late in comparison to some of the other accs. So confederation.

    Top alliance: apex, our banter alone should alure you, stay for the genuinity.

    Most feared alliance: just saying tizoc is the reason he is because he has to crash those left in apex, so again apex. (However kowboys for how much they are willing to spend)

    Best hit: kashi's on sirfips was HOT.... just sayin....


    Lets drink till we cant feel feelings anymore!

  • I'm relatively new to Bella, so will only say what I have seen so far :)

    Top 5 fleeters - Down, Arti (me), Karni, fips, tiz

    Top 5 miners - My boy Aspa (you are missed :D) , Arti (me), Duke, rakji, naiks

    Most feared player - alzakh

    Most improved player - Tiz

    Top alliance - Kowboys

    Most feared alliance - We are alzakh

    What you believe to be the best hit - Only trash hits what I have seen so far, biggest profit is for kashi, but it's just the most profit, not the best

    I know I will get a lot of hate of course, everybody ahs a different view :) Enjoy the holidays boys, make love not war <3


  • Top 5 fleeters - Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discovery, Tesco Clubcard

    Top 5 miners - as above

    Most feared player - The only player that should be feared is oneself, 99% of the time that is the only player that can kill an account.

    Most improved player - GF, played a blinder in terms of bringing in the cash from those with more money than sense.

    Top alliance - Oath, always outnumbered, never outplayed.

    Most feared alliance - Kowboys, I really do fear for their collective sanity.

    What you believe to be the best hit - Tizoc's Credit Card, that has taken quite the battering

    Honourable mention to Madoka for giving a troll warning to people for mentioning DM spend in a review of 2020.

    Warned for trolling

    - Madoka

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  • Most feared of the year, that is easy, blackholes and the slot 16 big aliens, hard to get that excited about military destroyed when most of it was against pirates and aliens

    I apologise in advance for everything