Display highscore position in percentage

    • Info: This script looks up the server and community in the url and calculates your highscore position in percentage from the api, then displays it in the top bar and on the overview
    • Author: Kraken
    • Website:n/a
    • Support:
    • Download: see code below
    • Screenshot:
    • Browser: tested with Firefox85.0 (64-bit), Violentmonkey v2.12.8
    • Compability: tested with AntiGameReborn 7.1.2 and UniverseView Extension 4.1.4
    • Languages:n/a

    this is my first attempt at doing something like this. i made this generally for myself because i like to see the number getting smaller as i rise up in points :smile2:

    it might look ugly to you, but i am very proud and it works :balloon:i know a lot is copy and paste and it took a lot of tries to get data from api. i almost quit :unsure:

    if there is anything wrong please reach out to me and help is greatly appreciated. i want to improve