Patch for freight with maximum cargo capacity

    • Info : Patch for freight with maximum load
    • Author : =Hardox=
    • License : MIT
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    • Current version : 0.2 (BETA)
    • Tested : Firefox + Tampermonkey + OGAME 7.6.5

    I hope this is the right place to share this.

    Script reason:

    For a long time it has been the case that the load capacity of the ships is reported from the server to local rounded to integer.

    Hyperspace tech value + class bonus can lead to decimals that are disregarded.

    If the rounding is up:

    not being able to make the shipment if you choose the maximum capacity calculated locally, as the server validates and rejects the shipment. Even the fleet page gets bugged and needs to be reloaded to try again.

    If the rounding is to minus:

    actual shipping capacity will not be fully utilized

    From my modest opinion, as a simple amateur, there are 3 problems that generate the problems mentioned before:

    1- The calculated data arrives rounded (main problem)

    2- The rounded value is assigned equally to 2 variables, although they seem conceptually different:

    • 'baseCargoCapacity'
    • 'cargoCapacity'

    3- The function that calculates the load capacity ('calcCargoCapacity ()') uses 'baseCargoCapacity' instead of 'cargoCapacity':

    1. return shipData.baseCargoCapacity * number

    Beta version & feedback:

    This script for my case works correctly, for a universe with load capacity in probes and collector class.

    I would appreciate, to remove the 'Beta' label, that users who try it report if:

    Works: Yes or no

    Universe with carrying capacity in probes? Yes or no

    Active class: None / Recollector / General / Discoverer


    This script should only be installed by players who suffer from these annoying problems due to the decimals generated by the Hyperspace technology and class bonuses.

    Once the bug is corrected by Ogame, it should be uninstalled.


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  • With version 8.0 of Ogame, the initially proposed patch stopped working, due to the fact that the same rounded data is downloaded multiple times before being able to send a ship.
    I have uploaded a new version that once again solves the problem of the wrong load capacity.
    Also, when GF solves the problem, the user will be warned about it and that they must uninstall the script.
    I have done this thinking that this, and future scripts can be exceptionally accepted, which quickly solve errors that GF takes a long time to correct.
    The community should not suffer from slow response.

  • We have a previous script similar than this here :

    UserScript: Bugfix FleetDispatcher breaks, Bugfix wrong cargo capacity calculation, removal of server call on fleet page 2 for that introduces significant delay (in version 8)

    So far, I could not get an authorization by Gameforge, and probably we won't get any as the scripts are supposed to include additional features and not fixing ingame bugs.

    So I will close this thread as the feature is already filled with the previous script