Solo Top 01 - [TOT: 255.648.396.000] Confederation [Apex] vs. alzakh [Kowboys] (A: 43.865.123.000, D: 211.783.273.000)

  • good hit, lets move on and again this hit doesn't involve me but i am once again the choice of topic in every post. mods why so you keep allowing this? all i keep hearing is the warning you are going to hand out. Queen Leo

    oh and last time i said a single thing i got a warning notice from Cillidan while these guys bash me all over the forms

    It has always been the case that people that buy themselves into the rankings instead of earning it with skill get mocked publicly, deal with it.


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  • Well damn, those of us who can enjoy our freedoms in other countries and not being locked up by Covid sort of missed this occurance.

    First let me say congratulations to Confetti, monstrous hit, NN1 to boot. Enjoy those profits. Amazing that kashi came out from v-mode as well for the rec support. <3 What the alliance is all about helping the brothers in need.

    Bad luck on the hit Arti, or who-ever is playing the account (you are being awfully active in terms of multiple posts for it not to be you... just sayin)

    Maybe people forgot how much money was spent by the opposing party, and from what I have seen, the v-mode warriors would have already gone v-mode again? or straight after the hit? from what I have seen hes still flying, maybe use superior tactics? out play him? maybe take out another small loan?

    Cyberbullying for pointing out they have too much money? This is funny, people get called out for coming out of v-mode from a break and killing someone who left there fleet sitting because they are bad (even before merge most apex fleets were not left sitting) and the only fleet that is actually semi safe is an account that is pretty much guaranteed to come online when a probe hits (how no one really knows) and if anyone got bigger then them, they would just buy more.

    Seems Legit

    EDIT: See Tizoc ^^^^ other people get it, we arn't the crazy ones.


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  • This is the game GF has created, this is the game you are playing Tizoc.

    Deal with the shame of spending your money into these pixels that in the end mean nothing but GF smiles everytime you pull your creditcard.

    Also, since spending money is part of the game so is the mockery of it.

  • good hit, lets move on and again this hit doesn't involve me but i am once again the choice of topic in every post. mods why so you keep allowing this? all i keep hearing is the warning you are going to hand out. Queen Leo

    I try really hard to mod fairly, and not to hand warnings out lightly. With that said, nothing in this thread (yet) has been worthy of a warning in my opinion. OGamers mock other OGamers (to use someone else's word) all the time for everything, and as long as the line isn't crossed to flaming, trolling, insulting, accusing of cheating, etc., there's nothing for me to warn them for.

    I'll move this momentarily. :flowers:


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  • I said I gave the account away, not that I've quitted the discord channel. I've got crashed before and i'm not ashamed to take responsability, but this time it's not the case.

    Look mum, I'm not playing that account anymore but come on the forums when one of my mates is getting hit.. as you all know we are spending big dollars on this so this is serious business!

    After a few weeks of no ogame I just shit my pants laughing when reading this thread..

    Very nice hit Conf! Good to see nothing has changed in Bella.. Cashboys being careless with fleets as usual..
    Cherry on the cake was TizocCash complaining about cyberbullying.. Thanks you made my day :thumbsup:

    GLOTR ask Tizoc to buy some extra metal packages.. and show that skill Arti is talking about..

  • I'm gonna spare some of my precious time to write to you, although my gut says not to :D . First of all, I really don't care if you believe me, I am not playing on that acc for 1 month. Congratulate on the hit, nice new number one. I left the uni so trash talking makes no sense for me now :) . But again in perfect honesty, with all due respect to my friends that are now apex, since I have joined Bella, I have not seen any tactical wisdom or some smart strategy or anything really interesting from a top alliance like yourself. Maybe you are good and got bored I really don't know. From what I saw I think that you wouldn't stand a chance against us in a real tactical fight, what this game is supposed to be. It's just my opinion, I might be wrong and I'm sure you think different. I hope that this hit on my old account has made you guys more confident and come out of v mode and play the game with my old buddies! All the best to you and everyone still playing! Arty out !

    Behold everyone.. this is the tactical wisdom cashboys are talking about.. I'm disgusted seeing this..