Goodbye, Vega

  • I think it's time to say goodbye now. I made this decision in a very short time, after my military points reached top 10 in the leaderboard. At first I didn't decide to quit the game. I shared this in the alliance chat, but then the leader said something totally unexpected and the sentence just hit my heart, and I suddenly realized that it makes no sense to continue anymore. So I decided to stop here, at the highest rank I can reach in this server.

    I am a peaceful turtle, in the discovery class. Maybe not many people know me, as I just keep building defence in the forgotten corner of the universe over years non-stop.

    I know that I will never become top 1 of the server, but I am already proud of what I have achieved so far (until 2021-3-5):

    1. One of the biggest turtles in the server (at least top 3 I think, if not top 1), with 129 million points of defence on one planet, plus 500 RIPs

    2. I created this account in Wasat in January 2017, and after 4 months in May 2017 I made a top 10 solo battle, which is still in top 10 archive after universe merge. I won the top 3 fleeter (which was top 1 in Wasat before merge, then taken down after merge) in a Ninja when I was still very weak, and earned huge honor points and became Grand Emperer in Wasat.

    3. Top 10 military points (173.433.294), top 9 research points (121.989.416), rank 28 overall points (465.032.155).

    4. I gained 327M points in the year 2020 (from 2020-1-1 93.999.535 points to 2021-1-1 421.499.584, 348% increase), mainly benefit from expeditions in discovery class, and scrap ships/trade in the market place

    5. I never lose my main fleet in the whole period of my account. I have nice ratio of military points destroyed/built/lost (247M/244M/72M), and most the lost points are from scrap ships from expo finding/expo loss in BH.

    About why I decided to become a turtle: I think in this post, there are already a lot of discussions and excellent opinions which I can't agree more, and I like what SniPeR said in #112:


    why you build so high mines? they never refund themself on big lvl-s, why build a too big fleet? just eat deut on fuel or you lose it one day, defence you can lose too, but that's some fun to build it so high, and when you get bored with mines or fleet nothing else left than clicking defence and to play minimum time with no worry.

    With my defence, everyday I just let billions of resources and my whole fleet sit on the planet with no worries. I don't need to fs everyday, although I still do that sometimes. I don't need to worry that one day my moon will be popped and my returning fleet gets lanxed. I always send expo fleets from the planet, no matter 30k BCs or 10k cargos, and don't need to set alarm clock to check them. No one even probes it as there is no profit at all.

    You think these defence are just wasted points, and cannot bring any profit at all? For me, with these defence, my points keep growing and my fleets never get crashed by big fleeters, and I save my time and get rid of any anxiety that one day my fleet may get crashed. That is the biggest benefit and you will never get it by building mines/fleets. I enjoy the benefit a lot.

    If I continue playing this account, maybe I will build in total 50M RL+LL, 10M IC, 500k PT, and then 5k RIPs. But now it is not important any more.

    I was not very active in the alliance chat, as I am not good at English and social communication, just sometimes share some expo findings and big progress in points. I crankily quit the alliance when I heard that my playing style is just wasted points, as I think I don't fit the alliance any more. I think no one will like playing this account which only has huge defence, and scrap those defence just for some resource is unacceptable for me. So I think the graveyard is the best destiny for this account.

    It might not be a happy end, but it's fine. I feel relieved when I say goodbye. I was just a guest in this universe, and now I leave like the wind.

    To Uberman: I want to say "thank you" to you, no matter what you think of me. You are the best organizer in the alliance.



  • I dont know you

    But Sometime we take words too seriously

    Just ignore and play and enjoy the game which you like

    In the end of the day thats all what matter :)

    Cheers ^^

    P.S I hope you change your mind and if you dont GLIRL ><

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    Uni Nekkar >>> Top 10s >> 14
    Uni Vega >>> Top 10s >> 6
    Uni 1 >>>> Top 10s >> 2

    Advanced hits never counted
    HOFS 1000 + :D So i stopped counting
    Over All Top 10s >>> 60+

  • Sorry to see you go over (to me) such a trivial comment. Could it be that you were just looking for a way out anyway? Perhaps having tired of the game? Good luck where ever you go to play.

  • Interesting read. I can respect someone who works hard on there account they made. Not like some of the players above that were GIVE there account and were they are at now. But wind_guest maybe join another alliances that does look down on someone play style that got them were they are at now. Maybe talk a break and come back in a few months this ocrack will always be here.

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