Shop/inventory is really user friendly

  • Dear,

    May i suggest the developper team to work a bit on the shop/inventory page ? That page is so user friendly it take around 3min to open it and activate one single item.

    I will absolutely not be surprised that players have full items and dont use them due to the load time of that page which is quit crazy. I have my items still since 3-4 months ago and i simply dont want to use it as only thinking about clicking the inventory button give me nightmares.

    Is there not something the team can rework on it ?


  • I mean the inventory page is a little laggy for me but not 3 minutes more like a couple seconds

    I overeacted a bit maybe, but putting a small building in construction that take as example 36 sec to compare..

    The page will refresh for the end of the construction that i am still not on the shop/invetory page

  • They really need to implement a means of mass purchase/quantity slider and activation for certain items like boosters. Purchasing boosters and for each planet and then activating them individually takes forever and the system lags like crazy...

  • I completely agree. Two months ago, I decided to perform a large operation that required 400 packages of raw materials and an equally large number of other items. It took me all day as I had to reload the website constantly.

  • I can confirm the shop is slow from first hand experience... This is due to Covid restrictions. Customers have to queue outside as the shop is short staffed due to furloughing. I had to wait 36 seconds to purchase and activate an item. I actually fed my new born baby in this time (true story).