Nekkar server settings discussion

  • :!:Hello everyone, as you know settings of the universe will change soon.:!:

    “- Open a new thread to start the talk with the rest of the members of your server in the corresponding server section.” -Ogame Team.:quote:

    We can discuss here future of Nekkar. Think twice, probably we will play with these settings for long time.

    My wishes

    Eco x10 : Higher eco rates are generally more attractive for miner, fleeter and discoverers also keep players in game longer and attract new players. X10 economy rate was a one time thing I know, if its not available, I'm voting for the next highest x9,x8:thumbsup:

    Fleet speed x6 : To be able to faster transports, deployment, recycles, colonizes and maybe attacks. Considering top 2 and top 1 alliance are at peace, it looks completely advantageous. x3 speed seems slow to me anymore.

    0.5 Deu Consumption : We already play in 1.0, Even fleet save costs are expensive and almost equivalent to daily deu production, if it changes it helps to daily transport costs too. I think 1.0 kinda outdated setting for old universes.

    Make Nekkar fun again :sixstars:

  • present settings

    3x Fleet / 5x Economy / 10x Researchspeed, 60% DF

    i recommend

    4x Fleet to give new starters a chance

    x8 or higher Economy good for all game styles

    12x Researchspeed always good

    65-75% DF we want something back for our efforts

    and 50% deut consumption, like EmperorRover says, costly fleetsaves even though we are at peace i still save {habit}

    bring back the excitement to Nekkar with either above settings or uni merges with other similar world servers

    • Currently, the highest eco speed that can be selected is 8x (10x was a one-time special setting).
    • Research speed is a multiple of economy speed; currently the multiplier is 2, so if your economy goes up, then your research speed will also go up (it will be 2x the economy speed).
    • Debris fields can be 60%, 70%, 80% (but not x5%).


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  • I like it, more money faster!

    No news about a merge? If it's just the Swedish server or a mix of many?

  • Im new on the forum came for post this thread. My account name in Nekkar is "Bandit interstellar". Ogame is a good old game and in 2021 everything is faster and easier about internet. My opinion is max possible eco, research, fleet, DF is better option, also probe cargo ON will be attractive, expedition fleets finds higher numbers of them and they cant be useful except moonshots.

  • Holaaa, I'm in need of a crash course on what our uni have today in speed. And what it changes and then if it's higher or lower within the game :)

    People think it's bad as it is today? That's why this change might happen?

  • Alrite, I think like this:

    8x economy, as I understand it will get 16x research then? 4x fleet would be nice a bit faster but not too fast.

    The df is not something I have used just yet, kind of a nice gamer here (or it's because I haven't built that much fleet just yet :P), but 70% should be nice for those that do attack ppl and keeping the game more alive!

    They deut-cost, seems okay to me, but I have all my planets kinda close - so that's not something I really can have an input in.

    The probes cargo, well it would be nice, cause then I can actually spy on everyone, as it is for this moment I can't, so that would be good without having to build planets far off in the galaxy. :)

  • according to piink we didn't get any changes or what? :/

    This is what I posted in the Discord chat on 31 March:

    "I talked to Prongs, and you've probably noticed that some communities are starting to merge again. He's trying to find out if .se is going to merge soon or not. If it's not going to be soon, then yes polls can happen, but if a merge will take place shortly, it won't make sense to do polls and then merge right after that. So we will hopefully let you know more soon."

    I don't have any update about that yet, but we will let you know as soon as we do. :(


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  • calm down no need to rush :D

    this is ogame 0-6 months is a "soon" or "we will do this now" 1-2 years is a "we are planning to do this"


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