Server settings change for ACS

  • Hello Xanthus I think its about time we have ACS here :attention:

    I have played Xanthus since the server opened up and left the uni after months of bulling by 1 player we all know only to well .:S

    Once I learnt how to play the game I came back but still no ACS its time to bring this uni back to life and ACS is a great way to do that.

    Some of the perks to having ACS activated

    We can ACS Defend, and ninja an incoming attack

    We can do moonshots for our friends, if they have no defense, we can defend them while giving them moonshots without them even being online.
    We can defend them if we see incoming attacks and they may not even be online to ask for help.
    We can join forces to attack bullies in the uni (that we needed so long ago to get one said bully) that would of made a big difference .

    Without ACS we cannot help anyone, that's just some of the perks for ACS to be activated.

    I am ok with all the other settings although research could go up to 12x

  • I doubt there's enough agreement to proceed with voting on ACS, but I'd like go with ACS, 0.5 Deut and x8 Eco + Research Speed regardless.

    Could you put them on the poll ?

    Some insists, some not. It's too hard to keep all happy, right ?

  • Well its clear to me that there's not many players on the forum that play in Xanthus, 3 reply's and myself, that's a total of 4 do the math. :funny2:

    when I log in there maybe 6 player's playing so its officially dead, lets bring some life back into the old girl or merge her.

    Either way we should still be able to have a vote !

    All I want is a vote for ACS in this uni.

    If we are not going to have ACS in this dead uni, change rewards task that does not involve us interacting with other players.

    THIS IS A DEAD UNIVERSE :zombiewalk:

    We do not want to ask our enemy to attack just to complete a task for rewards :blackeye: