Profit Splitting Calculator 1.0

  • When I came back after years of slumber, I was welcomed with many new additions in the game. New ships and new perks. Then I uncovered something that was a major hassle due to the old profit sharing calc was outdated because it does not have the new ships included, reapers ability to pick a portion of the DF, and a few other things. So I took the matter in my own hands spent few days on making a calculator of my own, now I wish to share with you guys.

    Profit Splitting Calculator

    It can handle up to 5 players and all 5 players can input their data at the same time instead of 1 person handling all the work and it calculates live as you input it.

    All the white cells are open for input, the rest are locked and cannot be edit to help prevent making mistakes. How you would know if you made a mistake? You will see this:

    The calculator will update the numbers of units on what you need to collect or pay back to your buddies Metal, Crystal, and Deut.
    As you input all the numbers then set the number of players who ACS you (Example)

    P.S. Please clean up when you are done, no one likes cleaning up someone else mess.