looking for active alliance

  • Would like to join an active alliane in Volans. An alliance active in trading and defending alliance members as well as give advice. I have been playing for awhile and have 6 planets. Played for awhile a few years ago so im no newbie.

  • Started playing Ogame back in the early to mid 2000's. played for half a dozen years. took a little over a decade off and picked up the game again during quarantine.

    Ive started playing a lot Volans -- Points 65, 072 Rank: 1536

    I started in Universe 1 Points1,385,207 Rank 1019

    Been playing more and more in Volans so would like to find a nice alliance with some friendly people. Like many motivations for joining an alliance is trade , defense, and the sharing of knowledge. I would welcome the opportunity to be an assert to your alliance.