[TOT: 2.792.364.000] PureLuck [Hunt] vs. Emperor Rocket (A: 727.425.000, D: 2.064.939.000)

  • Hey everyone, i am back again with another hit:thumbsup:, It was a blind hit since i didn't spy so didn't count in the extra 500M fleet that poped up but regardless it was pure profit:fourstars::funny:

    On 06-04-2021 --:--:--, the following fleets met in battle:

    Attacker PureLuck [Hunt]


    Battleship 23.721

    Battlecruiser 19.448

    Reaper 2.859


    Defender Emperor Rocket


    Small Cargo 28.371

    Large Cargo 17.612

    Light Fighter 37.556

    Heavy Fighter 18.252

    Cruiser 7.372

    Battleship 3.182

    Colony Ship 2

    Recycler 4.977

    Espionage Probe 101.597

    Bomber 2.020

    Destroyer 1.301

    Battlecruiser 2.299

    Reaper 795

    Pathfinder 5.196


    After the battle ...

    Attacker PureLuck [Hunt]


    Battleship 16.885 ( -6.836 )

    Battlecruiser 15.787 ( -3.661 )

    Reaper 2.821 ( -38 )


    Defender Emperor Rocket


    Small Cargo 0 ( -28.371 )

    Large Cargo 0 ( -17.612 )

    Light Fighter 0 ( -37.556 )

    Heavy Fighter 0 ( -18.252 )

    Cruiser 0 ( -7.372 )

    Battleship 2 ( -3.180 )

    Colony Ship 0 ( -2 )

    Recycler 0 ( -4.977 )

    Espionage Probe 0 ( -101.597 )

    Bomber 9 ( -2.011 )

    Destroyer 30 ( -1.271 )

    Battlecruiser 8 ( -2.291 )

    Reaper 71 ( -724 )

    Pathfinder 0 ( -5.196 )


    The battle ends in a draw.

    The attacker captured:

    0 Metal, 0 Crystal and 0 Deuterium

    158.286.354 Metal, 2.661.112 Crystal and 36.255.669 Deuterium

    39.571.588 Metal, 665.278 Crystal and 9.063.918 Deuterium
    6.595.000 Metal, 110.880 Crystal and 1.501.150 Deuterium

    • The attacker lost a total of 727.425.000 units.

    Total damage attacker including follow-ups: 728.622.000 units.

    The defender lost a total of 2.064.939.000 units.

    Total damage defender including follow-ups: 2.081.659.000 units.

    At these space coordinates now float 720.329.323 metal and 519.704.679 crystal.

    Extra debris caused by the follow-up(s): 4.609.500 metal and 3.285.500 crystal.

    The attacker captured a total of 246.503.919 units.

    The chance for a moon to be created from the debris was 20%.

    The attacker(s) captured the debris.

    Summary of profit/losses:

    Summary attackers(s)

    Metal: 501.512.765

    Crystal: 274.655.569

    Deuterium: -8.857.413

    The attacker(s) made a profit of 765.810.921 units.

    Summary defender(s)

    Metal: -

    Crystal: -836.312.390

    Deuterium: -211.805.587

    The defender(s) lost a total of 2.328.162.919 units.

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  • A Draw... :funny2:

    I should go back and get whoever did your last calculations and get them to do them for you in the future. More fleet came back??:nono:nono:nono Utter BS!!!!!

    Phail on Time and now phail on a Calculator.

    Definitely a Prime NOB:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


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  • A Draw... :funny2:

    A ''draw'' when their fleet is basically completely destroyed apart from a few surviving reapers/destroyers.


    LOL its too much for him to understand after all he thought 6M deut for 400M metal and 300M crystal is too mcuh deut for nothing ( + the follow ups attacks )
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