How to attack bots?

  • Hi all,

    I see a lot of targets that seem to be bots in this uni, tried to attack a lot but fleet is always gone just before the attack and there seem to be activity on this players 24/7.

    I was wondering if people here know how to deal with these bots, is there a way to still crash the fleet of these bots?

    Any tips are welcome!

  • Crashing is nearly impossible, especially if it has a moon, but you can get it banned easily if it is really a bot.

    Gather evidence and report.

    Easy things to confirm:

    - automated ABM

    - automated spy after attacking. Attack different planets at different time, if it spies back it is a bot.

    - automated farming or expos

    - no one answering messages

    - automated fleet save

    - general stupidness (not enough cargos to FS all the res after attacking etc)

  • except it none of this actually proves the use of a bot. I don’t respond to messages, I usually spy the planet/moon that’s attacking me. I also build ABMs when I’m online if I get IPMd.

  • try to DM, then mby it does not fs on attack

    make the attack land a little after MD

    spy with combat ships, mby it does not escape on spy missions

    send few attacks separated by a miinute or 30s or smth, mby it escapes the first attack and the recalls not noticing the second

    keep slowing down your attack and watch what he does asfter the first attack goes through, when does he recall

    try seeing what happens at 3.00 server reset

    try seeing what happens at maintenance time server downtime and at some windows forced update/reboot

    try with a normal attack and after a slow flying one, does the fleet land in between ot bot keeps the fleet in air during all that time

    if you suspect bot is sending msg/alert keep attacking all the planets at different times to overload the person reciving the alerts, do not give up, get friends to attack too at all times of the day

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  • It is a very obvious difference when a bot does it, and when a human.

    These bots are not smart. There is no artificial intelligence or any complex algorithm to change the patterns. To skip a probe for example. To spy 5 or 10 minutes later etc.

  • Thanks for the great ideas, working on it :)

    I think another great idea should be that when bots are banned you can still attack them and destroy their fleet.

    Currently reporting is soo much work and you get no reward for it, while this should allow for an easy fleet destruction, thus a nice reward.

  • Yeah I know, that is why I suggest to make a certain punishment per crime.

    One ban can be just a vmode ban for 2 weeks, while the other can be a permanent without vmode ban for instance.

  • not shure if any ban is permanent, usualy longest they last is like 20y or so

    if there were a perma ban then it has no sense to keep them locked in VM useing up space, better to insta delete them or ban with no VM so they can be farmed

    my guess, some german law prohibiting perma bans and they have to keep the acc in case they have unspent DM so when they come back 20y after they can have what tehy paid for, just guessing

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    And I am savage now!

  • Has anyone got succeeded by using these methods?

    Nowadays bots have

    Weapon 0 Armour 0 Sheild 0

    Computer tech 10+ - To have many FS at one time and They have nanite to make quick cargoes

    Esp 4 - No counter espionage even with 2000 probs

    I tried some of your methods. No success. But didnt do the MD. Pritty new for that. But maybe that's next.

    Reported to GOs - No result.. Why don't they see what we see? (⩺︷⩹)

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