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All servers in these communities currently running version 8 will be unavailable for several hours starting from 10:00 CEST and will have an attack block in place until 18:00 CEST.
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    Because they would rather milk the spending of their DM habits before they bring the ban Hammer down, was it coincidence that Giker, Wishmaster, Wronek where all accused from week 1 of UMBRA opening that they were blantly cheating (Scripting) Yet nothing was done until 3 months down the line after probably 20+ reports from numerous players, all the while their DM habits started to slow down with their massive whale fleets?

    Yeah I think over the years one thing I can bring with me is that oGame has taught me to not trust Polish turd alliances, they seem to have a pattern of having half their members on script duty...

    You are aware that staff doesn't know about people buying DM and that Gameforge doesn't ban unless it's a payment ban? There are way too many complaints that someone was banned despite having bought DM for your theory to be true. DM usage doesn't Matter to staff when people are banned.

    In any case, be careful with these accusations.


    I take what you're saying in consideration, I do. However much we can justify, the damage has been done already - there's no coming back from what's already happened. Just have a look at the old posts, even those <2 years old. 25% of the users, at least, are banned. It's already over i'm afraid, we're all a'witness to it's demise.

    There has been a change in the guard. There is also the issue that not everything is as clearcut as it seems. What happened is done, and that can't be changed. As I said previously, there isn't only one reason why the forums aren't as frequented anymore.


    I will eventually stop coming to the forum aswell, because it's just absolutely terrible. I really dislike the team and how they do things around here, and feel that they contributed a majority to the end of the games community.


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  • I only decided to join the forums a couple months ago with the opening of Weywot (began in 2005 played regularly up to 2010) so its taken me a bit to climatize to the new oGame environment but I've noticed a couple things I think are issues.

    DM is a big one for me. I think DM is probably important to GF for income reasons but I think one of the big problems for players is the option to buy resource packages. It's a pay to win option. I don't think things would be so bad if players could only buy boosters, planet/moon fields, relocations, fleet/expo boosters but being able to literally buy res is a killer for me.

    I also think there's a major lack of updates with ships/buildings and actions such as expos. Coming from playing 10 years ago when I came back I thought there would be a huge amount of new additions to the game. There really isn't. I was surprised. The updating of the game as a whole seems very slow.

    With that said I'm back and trying to immerse myself back into oGame. It's not easy as I already explained above but there are still aspects I do enjoy and will try to keep playing. Account in Weywot is already in v-mode and now trying things out in Xanthippe.

  • I also came back after 10 years. The only new thing since back then was the marketplace, and they removed it instead of fixing it. Everything else, including classes, are minor updates.

    That is TEN years of development... For cosmetic changes.

    SpaceX went from zero to launching a rocket into orbit in less time.

  • Marketing has a lot to do with it as well.

    There are so many that would want a game like this, but so many do not even know it exists.
    People are less and less patient in this day and age, no one wants to do the grind in a grinding game.

  • Well now you can move for free via graveyard to any uni you want to play.

    The accounts that move to the graveyard are accounts that are in v-mode and have paid DM on them, then go inactive for 45 days (or is it 30?).

    Accounts that are just (i) or (I) that are not in vmode are either sticking around forever if they have paid DM on them or they are eventually getting deleted by the server.

    So unless your inactive farms are coming back and going into v-mode and putting DM on them...they're not going to the graveyard.

    It sounds great. Can I have a few questions?

    How long do I have to be (i) to run Graveyard? Is a small "i" enough?

    What version of the game must it be on? When will it run on all national servers? No one has left our server yet.

    Can I really move anywhere I want? Anywhere?

  • It works like this:

    There is an inactivity transfer script which moves accounts from the live servers to the graveyard which have the following criteria:

    • The account is inactive and in v-mode for 60 days or more
    • The account has paid dark matter or active officers
    • The account has been banned for a significant duration (significant in this case meaning a ban duration of more than 60 days) and the account has already sat idle for 60 days.

    Once the account is on the graveyard server, you will be able to select a community and a server to merge the account. The list will show you the available options for your account. At least, that is what would happen if this part were not actually broken right now. So, the reality is, you will make a support ticket requesting a merge out of the graveyard server.

    The merge criteria is simple:

    • You cannot be in the top 20 ranks of a server (including all your unspent resources - the system treats all resources as points)
    • If you would place in the top 20 ranks of every server in a community (based on the abacus math at the Gameforge level) then you would be allowed to pick a server where you would not place in the top 5 ranks of the server.
    • The server you want to merge to cannot be younger than 3 12 months old. So if a server was created 4 13 months ago, it could be a valid merge target for you.

    Also, it should be noted the decision of whether a server in a particular community is an eligible merge destination is made by some formula Gameforge uses. So, if a merge is denied, it is Gameforge who made that decision and not me. :biggrin:

    So, in specific answer to your questions:

    • No, a small (i) is not good enough.
    • When all servers in all communities are running version 8 then the graveyard and inactive transfer script will be put online once again. We'll announce this in the news when these services are online again.
    • As long as the merge criteria is followed, you can merge anywhere.

    Updated the 3rd merge criteria with the most up-to-date info. ~Rav3n

  • Thank god, So i can leave quantum at some point when update dates stop getting pushed back and i can get my account out of the grave yard . that place has gone down hill since rio took over

    The quiet one

  • Hi,

    I have a follow-up question regarding the merge criteria. In the previous rules (as in the DE forum here), it says (Google translated):

    - "If you would end up in the top 20 of every eligible server, you can choose a server. (There is always at least one server that you can transfer to.)"


    - "You can always merge somewhere, either you still have a server to choose from (and you would have to take it if you want to move), or you are so strong that theoretically you shouldn't be on any server - and from there all servers are activated again, and you can choose one."

    Do these still apply? The "latest" criteria you posted above seem to contradict them and imply that if I would place top 5 in all servers in a community then I would not be allowed to transfer to that community at all. Is this correct or would there still be "at least one server" that I could transfer to?

  • There will always be a server where you can merge.

    If you will place in the top 5of every server in a community, then you should be able to choose where you go.

    At least, that is my understanding.

    Should I receive further guidance, I will let you guys know.


  • That contradicts your last statement in which you said you cant be placed in top5 if you are possibly in top 20 everywhere in server

  • uh no it doesn't. If you have a top 20 account within every server in a community, let's say .org for instance. Further sorting would then take place and you'd only be allowed to join a server in that community if you were outside the top 5 players in points. So if you had an account with 1.5 billion points and wanted to join org you'd be in the top 20 in every uni...commence further sorting. Further sorting would reveal only one uni you'd be able to merge to, Quantum, where you'd be 6th at the moment. If you had 1.7 billion points you'd be able to choose whichever server you wanted (that was at least 3 months old) because you'd be in the top 5 of every server.

  • As I have said, Gameforge has not crossed this bridge yet and there is some flexibility in the rules.

    In fact, they are more like guidelines.

    Before we had the actual case of somebody merging being in the top 20 ranks it was as originally described.

    But now, we've had the case were somebody was in the top 20 and it was decided they could merge to any server in the community where they would not place in the top 5.

    So, things have evolved as cases have presented themselves.

    Going on what was originally stated - every player will have a server to which they can merge.

    So there is no contradiction.

    Exactly how that will be implemented is still a question mark given this flexibility I mentioned earlier.

    As soon as I know how this particular situation will be approached I will let people know.

  • This particular situation is the most important thing of entire problematic. If those accs can go anywhere anyway ( which is idiotic) why then have restrictions in other cases. It think that these particular rules should be set in stone beforehand, changing them afterwards will only cause discontent with already beloved GF

  • Can I still ask? Will there be a merger when the graveyard is already working? It will be soon?

    I wish I had an answer on that one.

    The levels above CoMa are quiet on this issue.

    Even though we (GAs and CoMa) push every week for an answer.

    Once I have an answer, it will be posted in the News section of the forum.