Are you in the graveyard? Looking for a new uni with a relaxed pace? Come to Dorado!

  • Are you one of the 72,445 +/- members of the graveyard? Don't know where to go? Looking for something different than all those hectic and troublesome "speed" unis? Do you want that "legacy" feeling of oGames glory days?


    Then come to Dorado! The only remaining .org uni with all 1x settings!


    1x fleet? Yes! No more worrying about going out to the mailbox or using the commode only to come back and find out everything you have worked so hard for has been lost!

    1x ECO? Yes! No more worrying about having to collect up all that RES multiple times per day to save it from those greedy raiders!

    1x research? Because good work ain't cheap and cheap work ain't good...and you know good work takes time!

    ACS? Yes! Gotta love a team sport.


    What about the DF? Standard. You gotta work for that money like a respectable fleeter, none of that millennial, "instant gratification", gotta have it now, impatient crap here folks.

    What about DiDF? Nope. You wanna crack that shell, you gotta put in the effort.

    What about deut consumption? Normal. Because time is money and deut doesn't grow on trees.

    Probe storage? Nope. Do you really want these accounts with 500K+ probes running around here wiping inactive farms clean like that?

    Reduced galaxy? Nope, we got all nine of 'em baby! Lots of room for you to move about and really explore the "space".



    1x Fleet / 1x Economy / 1x Researchspeed, 9 galaxies, +25 fields + 8,000 Validation-DM

    Worried that it will just change on you? We just had a poll, and there will be no vote to make any changes! So rest assured, we'll be 1x for a while.


    Worried that there are some really big accounts in Dorado with monster fleets that will just bash the crap out of you relentlessly? Keep in mind, we got normal fuel consumption, 1x ECO, and 9 galaxies to temper these fleets.


    So come to beautiful Dorado, or as the locals here affectionately refer to it as Donato 'Nam! Enjoy your life again! Go to the movies with your date without worrying if you're gonna make it back in time for your fleet save. Go out and get knee walking drunk with confidence that your fleet save is long enough to outlive your hangover! Got stuck in traffic? Who cares, it's got plenty of time! Live free again!


    Whether it's to relive the glory days in "legacy" speeds, or maybe you've been crushing it in the speed unis and it's time to go into semi-retirement with "retirement" speed...then Dorado, should be your new home.


    Reach out to the Game Forge support staff and open a ticket to merge your account today! Get that account into Dorado ASAP and join us in our relaxing, blissful, carefree uni, free of stress...


    This is how I play oGame in can too:


    Just remember, you can't bring an account that would land in the top 20, here are their current ranks/points.…j_a=1&univers=_156&pays=2

    1 148 661 179 Brutal Thanatos [WCKD]

    2 144 179 116 priest [INDUS]

    3 129 360 971 Bala (v) [HUN]

    4 116 447 535 Kirito [WCKD]

    5 107 627 700 PAGAN [WCKD] <---- pfftt...this guy, lol.

    6 106 240 764 Luki [AXE]

    7 93 606 018 qwertyuio (vi)

    8 88 603 864 Isildur (vI)

    9 84 786 125 Kova The Beast [AXE]

    10 79 759 301 Captain Morgan [INDUS]

    11 79 459 434 Gullcsi [HUN]

    12 72 137 466 Yoda [AXE]

    13 71 937 435 Magnus Carlsen [RNR]

    14 70 508 585 CRAZYHORSE [WCKD]

    15 69 849 299 NoName [WCKD]

    16 66 007 549 Szatesz [HUN]

    17 65 875 458 Hellraiser [AXE]

    18 64 331 208 Jensen [WCKD]

    19 58 637 474 Ancalagon (v)

    20 54 431 310 Radiate [AXE]

    So, what will it be? More of this in a speed uni?


    Or a life of serenity in Donato 'Nam!


  • I had to log a ticket to escape from the graveyard, but got manually pushed to Dorado today - it's nice to back in a single speed uni although I stayed in Vmode in Zibal (2x speed) for 99% of the time since the forced exit when Virgo got merged. Even 2x speed is way too fast when you are surrounded by raiders with high hyper drive levels. Couldn't take a dump or make a sandwich without risking to be crashed

    A few observations - Dorado is vast....and empty. Some of my planets do have just one other inhabited SS when scanning 25 SS up and 25 SS downwards. It's good to have a nice stock of free relocations as there are definitely more attractive areas in Dorado

    And 1x economy and 1x research is so slow once you got used to multispeed eco and research universes. I have to recalibrate my judgement on what are juicy inactives and was in shock for the remaining completion time of my Astro research (16weeks, should have completed that in Virgo/Zibal)

    All in all, this will be much more compatible with my life than multispeed unis and I hope to find my joy in ogame back here

  • All in all, this will be much more compatible with my life than multispeed unis and I hope to find my joy in ogame back here

    The 1x settings are pretty much what attracted the original denizens to Donato 'Nam. People wanted that old-school legacy oGame experience again. The merge really screwed it up though...and it's been a battle to keep it 1x.

  • Just wanted to say welcome to a couple more newcomers to Dorado who merged their accounts from the graveyard!

    Looks like Notsure and Mason just popped in.

    Also, a few players have quit and some accounts have changed hands which has also freed up some accounts that we were able to pass on to three "new to Dorado" players.

    Have fun with the accounts folks, and hope you stick around and help contribute to the growth of the uni.

    If any other alliances have accounts rotting away that could go to a new or returning player, please offer them up on the account trade section instead of just letting them rot away. Based off the number of people that contact me there are plenty of players that would love to have an account here.

    And as always...come by and say hello in the Donato' Nam Discord:

    It's a free for all Discord, there is no guarantee of safety there. But "most" people are friendly and will answer questions.

  • Now that the graveyard is open again for travel we hope that you take a look at Dorado with its 1x legacy settings, the way the game was originally meant to be played. Speed kills, and speed killed oGame so come to the last bastion of hope for its survival...we're waiting for you.


    All you gotta do is open a ticket and tell them you want to be moved from the graveyard to Dorado, the city of gold!


    So, what's it going to be? Gold and a life of serenity in the wonder that is Dorado? Or pain and misery in some speed uni where you can't even use the loo or go out and enjoy the sunshine without having your moon popped and losing everything you worked so hard for in a matter of minutes?


    Come talk with us in the Donato'Nam Discord:

  • So how can there be a new number #1 out of nothing/graveyard? I thought there was a restriction that you cannot parachute yourself out of the graveyard into the top-20 of a uni, let alone the #1 position by 100M+ points on #2

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  • So how can there be a new number #1 out of nothing/graveyard? I thought there was a restriction that you cannot parachute yourself out of the graveyard into the top-20 of a uni, let alone the #1 position by 100M+ points on #2

    This question has already been raised to Gameforge.

    I have also banned the account pending the response by Gameforge.

    If the account needs to be moved, this will protect the account as well as the accounts in Dorado.

    If the account does not need to be moved, then I apologize to the owner of the account for the confusion.

    I hope to have an answer tomorrow when Gameforge is in the office.

  • Would just like to welcome the latest players who have been summoned from the graveyard!

    Viceregent Fay 2

    Geologist Meridian 9

    The Serbian Loach


    IYI Virus


    Rise! Rise! Rise!


    Now get back to playing and growing that account!


    Remember, if you're not in Donato 'Nam, then you're in the bad place. So come to Dorado, the good place!


    It's true!


  • We've had a few more players rise from the dead recently and join the land of living here in Donato 'Nam!


    Welcome to duchovny, destructeur, Gungnir! If I missed someone, my humble apologies...

    We also had one or two merge that had to leave abruptly due to reasons...


    Again...if you are in the graveyard and you want to play in true oGame legacy settings, please consider making Donato 'Nam your new home!


    It's so nice nice.


  • lol...well Dorado just got a bit more interesting with our recent newcomer. Looks like we gots to be on our toes again here :)


    Welcome to Donato 'Nam keji_267_junshi_337!


    1 keji_267_... (8.398.285) 1.170.929.923

    2 [WCKD] PAGAN (984.951) 195.380.732

    3 [WCKD] Brutal Th... (1.640.460) 170.276.489

    4 [INDUS] priest (2.068.099) 159.398.690

    5 [WCKD] LucKY_LU (-714.985) 152.839.969

    6 [HUN] Bala (8.688.859) 129.360.970

    7 Himeros (153.579) 112.498.201

    8 [INDUS] Captain M... (807.913) 98.516.237

    9 [AXE] Kova The ... (169.580) 98.458.683

    10 [AXE] Yoda (278) 95.961.868

    11 [HUN] Gullcsi (21.135) 91.542.973

    12 [Hate Idi] Ogame Hater (346.888) 90.614.331

    13 [WCKD] NoName (324.572) 89.202.805

    14 Isildur (161.141) 88.603.864

    15 [WCKD] Vulcan (-45.759) 82.122.315

    16 [WCKD] Firestorm (1.323.272) 75.289.502

    17 [WCKD] Sharkbait (424.273) 58.841.099

    18 Minotaurrex (98.255) 58.679.396

    19 [WCKD] Vale (391.357) 53.736.480

    20 [HEAD] Black (64.795) 53.572.333

    As a result of the recent mergers, it's gotten much easier to get into Dorado with 1bn+ point accounts. There are fewer unis in .org and more accounts that would be top 20 in all .org servers that are >1 year old. The funny part about that is that if you are not top 20 in every server on .org > 1 year old, and you have more than 53KK points you can't come to Dorado, well at least you're not supposed to be able to, lol.

  • Well, the law stepped in and cleaned things up before anyone could run amok...


    The law has spoken!


    And we're back to the bliss and peace that makes Dorado just so dang inviting...


    So, if you're looking for some serenity and old-school oGame with OG speed settings the way it was meant to be played...and you have an account rotting away in the graveyard that won't land in the top 20, then you're home awaits you. Come home to Donato 'Nam!


    And if you have accounts rotting away in the graveyard that you'll never use again...offer them up on the account trading forum section. Someone would love to adopt it.


    Remember to check the Graveyard FAQ first and open a ticket if you have issues migrating from the graveyard.

    Graveyard FAQ

    1 up (3) [WCKD] PAGAN (984.951) 196.439.712

    2 up (4) [WCKD] Brutal Thanatos (1.640.460) 170.276.489

    3 up (4) [INDUS] priest (2.068.099) 160.550.332

    4 up (4) [WCKD] LucKY_LU (-643.837) 152.840.610

    5 up (4) [HUN] Bala (8.688.859) 129.360.970

    6 up (4) Himeros (153.579) 112.498.201

    7 up (4) [INDUS] Captain M... (807.913) 99.457.078

    8 up (4) [AXE] Kova The ... (169.491) 99.116.647

    9 up (4) [AXE] Yoda (98) 97.132.041

    10 up (4) [HUN] Gullcsi (21.135) 92.732.537

    11 up (4) [Hate Idi] Ogame Hater (346.888) 91.350.745

    12 up (4) [WCKD] NoName (309.462) 89.209.405

    13 up (4) Isildur (161.141) 88.603.864

    14 up (4) [WCKD] Vulcan (-45.759) 82.122.315

    15 up (4) [WCKD] Firestorm (1.314.781) 75.468.767

    16 up (5) [WCKD] Sharkbait (424.273) 58.841.099

    17 up (5) Minotaurrex (98.255) 58.679.396

    18 up (5) [WCKD] Vale (395.924) 54.299.358

    19 up (5) [HEAD] Black (64.795) 53.638.333

    20 up (5) Verne (405.455) 49.912.289

  • Hey, it's me again...and Sarah Mclachlan wants to remind you that she shows that you have accounts out there who are lost, fending for themselves in the graveyard, all alone, and they need a home.


    Don't look know Sarah is right.


    Too late:

    So, these lost, suffering accounts find a home here in Donato 'Nam!


    If you're not going to play them, someone else surely will! Offer them up on the account trade forum! Clean out that closet. Don't be one of those people that says, "I'm gonna play it again someday when Game Forge finally fixes oGame.". Because you and I both know they never will.

    So, c''s fantastic here in the Donato 'Nam.


    Or maybe you're one of those players that says "I can only play one account at a time...". And that's okay, accounts here in Donato 'Nam practically play themselves it's so have absolutely nothing to worry about, it's so benign and peaceful here.

    I know what you're thinking...


    No, absolutely not. It's all love here in beautiful, peaceful, blissful, harmonious, and loving Donato 'Nam.


    Absolutely nothing to worry about bringing that big, fat juicy account here...


    So, go login to the graveyard and bring that thing here! If you have issues, open a ticket and beg the GA to let you move here. They love it when you beg.

    Please refer to the FAQ: Graveyard FAQ

    Current points/rankings as of today so you know if you're gonna be outside the top 20 or not.

    1 [WCKD] PAGAN (1.171.855) 202.446.116 <---pfft, this guy!

    2 [WCKD] Kurgan Zuul (1.640.460) 170.276.489

    3 [INDUS] priest (2.068.099) 161.638.908

    4 [WCKD] Luki (1.695.787) 152.514.316

    5 [HUN] Bala (8.688.859) 129.360.970

    6 Himeros (153.579) 112.498.201

    7 [INDUS] Captain M... (807.913) 101.876.768

    8 [AXE] Kova The Beast (169.491) 99.159.397

    9 [HUN] Gullcsi (21.135) 93.367.318

    10 [Hate Idi] Ogame Hater (348.246) 91.892.200

    11 [WCKD] NoName (295.078) 90.224.446

    12 Isildur (161.141) 88.603.864

    13 [WCKD] Vulcan (-45.759) 82.162.315

    14 [AXE] Yoda (714.052) 79.771.574

    15 [WCKD] Firestorm (1.318.526) 75.719.913

    16 [WCKD] Sharkbait (424.273) 58.841.099

    17 [REDFANG] Minotaurrex (98.255) 58.679.565

    18 [WCKD] Vale (395.924) 56.721.405

    19 [HEAD] Black (64.795) 53.817.425

    20 Verne (405.455) 49.912.289