General gameplay rant

  • I came back after nearly 4 year hiatus (2 years daily login to get items, 2 years v mode) after being merged from Jupiter.

    Quite some changed, picked the Collector class, then changed to Discoverer after seeing what people bring back from expos.

    The uni I'm in is nearly dead, there are about 20 players online, at this stage I interacted with most and have to say, 1 quarter are somewhat sound people, 2 quarters are newbies and banned but the last quarter are like on steroids.

    It's not to say I do not enjoy some action but claiming you'll pop my moons after I spied on you after you spied on me? LoL. All seem to be members or ex members of particular ally or at least friends, I guess birds of a feather flock together.

    Come on, relax, take a chill pill, don't threaten me and pop my moons if you got the balls! Actions speak louder than words...:rant:



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  • lol I know what you mean I sent at a player and had I hit would have made 180kk profit , he came on 4 mins before i was due to hit and sent me a message , I recalled and 2 mins later a top10 player with a total military score more than 25 times my overall score was threatening to pop my moon . It wasnt even his acc but someon he trades with. anyway told him to do what ever Im not intimidated by him or anyone . Didint pop my moons and went into v mode. Usual cry baby tactics by traders of deut to the top guys who cant stand up for themself even with hihger point talys the attacker on occasion. . Any decent top player will only pop moons for profit but there are one or 2 who have popped my moons just for nothing more than a retliating probe . No class , sadly most of the class players have either quit or v moded .

  • Hi all,

    kewlness  Rav3n Yeah I'm in Cygnus, thanks for moving it ;) :)

    Desperado exactly, it's a game, regardless whether you put money into it or not you still have to accept that you'll be spied or attacked, it's just how the game works.

    As you say no class, I wonder do they throw a tantrum as well when the game is not going as they would want, say in cards?

    Popping a moon just from spite and no HOF or at least some brilliant tactics to show for it is no sportsmanship in my opinion.