Changelog Summary

  • Version 8

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    Main Changes
    8.3.0-pl3 link
    • [Hotfix] Background tweaks.
    • [Hotfix] Background tweaks.
    8.3.0 link
    • [Feature] The effects of items for Fleet Slots, Expedition Slots, Planet Fields and Moon Fields of various levels (bronze, silver, gold and platinum) can now be active simultaneously.
    • [Bugfix] Several background optimizations have been applied to the game.
    • [Bugfix] Activating fleet slot and expedition slot items in this version brings back their their expiration date, making them temporary.
    • [Bugfix] You cannot access your ships while combat is still being calculated on the planet they are stationed on as a measure to avoid fleet duplication.
    • [Bugfix] The espionage system feature now displays the amount of sent out Espionage Probes again. It also works on each successive attempt again.
    8.2.0 link
    • [Bugfix] Research that was assigned to another planet in the construction queue will now start on the correct planet.
    • [Bugfix] The reward event no longer gives the player a task to start a research if the player has a research task in process.
    • [Bugfix] The number of interplanetary missiles that have been sent will now be shown underneath the fleet event.
    • [Bugfix] Fixed a bug that allowed players to transfer to a server when their highscore is too high for that server.
    • [Update] Transferring away from the Graveyard server works again.
    • [Bugfix] Players should now be able to send ships with full cargo at any time, as long as all the requirements for that are met.
    • [Bugfix] The merchant should now work when called up a second time, without having to refresh the page.
    • [Bugfix] The event countdown timer is visible again.
    • [Bugfix] Free planet relocation no longer deducts Dark Matter.
    • [Bugfix] Players no longer receive Dark Matter when they use free planet relocation during a cashback event.
    • [Bugfix] Planet relocation is no longer possible if the moon in question has unfinished ships or defensive structures in the shipyard.
    • [Bugfix] Players will no longer be granted free planet relocation when they are sent to the Graveyard server.
    • [Bugfix] Various incorrect line breaks have been removed from Messages.
    • [Bugfix] The order of defensive structures should now match in both the empire view and the standard view.
    • [Bugfix] The alliance API works again.
    • [Bugfix] Fixed various backend problems.
    8.1.0-pl13 38033
    • [Hotfix] Fixed an issue with relocations looping or otherwise not finishing.
    8.1.0-pl6 link
    • [Hotfix] Fixed issue from previous version that prevented any fleet actions.
    8.1.0-pl2 38007
    • [Bugfix] Accounts no longer leave vacation mode with 0 points
    • [Bugfix] Fleet error with slow internet speed
    • [Bugfix] Graveyard accounts no longer break the alliance in the exodus server
    • [Bugfix] Banned player accounts no longer break the messages function for those who interacted with the account
    • [Bugfix] Deleted player accounts no longer break the messages function for those who interacted with the account
    • [Bugfix] The graveyard accounts don't have the menu to be played, just the merge function available
    • [Bugfix] Espionage reports have a normal loading time
    • [Bugfix] Leaving the vacation mode doesn't leave the account with 0 points
    • [Bugfix] A ban removal doesn't leave the account with 0 points
    • [Bugfix] Improved the shop performance
    • [Bugfix] Scrolling through systems in galaxy overview has improved
    • [Bugfix] The alliance overview loads faster now
    8.1.0 37930 link
    • [Hotfix] Attacking a bandit will grant now 100% of the loot.
    • [Hotfix] The graveyard server will be updated to the current version.
    8.1.0-rc6 link
    • Loading times fixes
    8.1.0-rc5 link
    • [Bugfix] The loading times have been improved significantly.
    • [Bugfix] The admin and banned acounts do not show up at the leaderboard any longer.
    8.1.0 link
    • [Feature] Fleet Dispatch III was merged with Fleet Dispatch II. Fleet Dispatch II now allows for mission selection, resource loading and stopping expedition and hold times while keeping all previous functions intact.
    • [Feature] Target selection, mission selection and briefing/resources loading can now be rearranged by using a new hand icon to place them in the desired order.
    • [BugFix] The points of the Space Dock from level 18 on were not sync with the account. With this version the points will be added to the accounts so you will see some people jumping in the top rank due to this adjustment.
    • [BugFix] The game now also calculates the points of high level researches (above 28). The top rank of many servers will be affected by this correction.
    8.0.0-pl7 link
    • [Feature] Alliance class system activated.
    • [Hotfix] It is no longer possible to set up in a queue a research in the same level multiple times.
    8.0.0-pl6 No ORG post (sorry)
    link to US post
    • [Feature] An alliance needs to be created for at least 14 days to be able to pick a free class.
    • [Feature] A member that leaves an alliance or gets kicked out of an alliance can enter another alliance after a cooldown of 3 days.
    • [Feature] An alliance class change has a cooldown of 5 minutes.
    8.0.0-pl4 link
    • [Bugfix] Fixed the issue about the galaxy view on the latest Chrome version
    • [Bugfix] Fixed Alliance BBCode
    • [Bugfix] Chat notifications after reading a message
    8.0.0-pl2 link
    • [Hotfix] Fixed performance issues
    8.0.0-pl1 link
    • [Bugfix] Fixed error messages being shown on universes with previous versions of 8.0.0.
    8.0.0-rc7 link
    • [Hotfix] Fixed performance issues
    8.0.0 link
    Alliance Classes
    • [Feature] Alliance class system introduced (activated in a later version)
    • [Feature] Operating system updated and APIs optimised

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