27.08: hotfix version 8.2.0-rc1

  • Dear community,

    we applied the version 8.2.0 rc-1 today in the Public Test Servers.

    Here is the final changelog:

    • Research that was assigned to another planet in the construction queue will now start on the correct planet.
    • The reward event no longer gives the player a task to start a research if the player has a research task in process.
    • The number of interplanetary missiles that have been sent will now be shown underneath the fleet event.
    • Fixed a bug that allowed players to transfer to a server when their highscore is too high for that server.
    • Transferring away from the Graveyard server works again.
    • Players should now be able to send ships with full cargo at any time, as long as all the requirements for that are met.
    • The merchant should now work when called up a second time, without having to refresh the page.
    • The event countdown timer is visible again.
    • Free planet relocation no longer deducts Dark Matter.
    • Players no longer receive Dark Matter when they use free planet relocation during a cashback event.
    • Planet relocation is no longer possible if the moon in question has unfinished ships or defensive structures in the shipyard.
    • Players will no longer be granted free planet relocation when they are sent to the Graveyard server.
    • Various incorrect line breaks have been removed from Messages.
    • The order of defensive structures should now match in both the empire view and the standard view.
    • The alliance API works again.
    • Fixed various backend problems.

    Known issue: Buttons lose function if used in certain orders without refreshing the page.

    Your OGame Team

  • Dear community,

    the final version ready for the live environment will be released in the Public Test Servers today at 13:00 CEST.

    There has not been any change in the changelog.


    Your OGame Team.