Eula / Klee / Amber [Y-S] : Let me introduce them

  • Eula / Klee / Amber [Y-S] : Let me introduce them

    Dedication to Koop

    I fan of this 3 guys.

    They play like a team.

    They play like one :thumbsup:

    They started together on 29/06/2021

    They are discoverer

    1. Their Ranking

    Eula has 27 HP because i tried to attack him or her.

    They have almost the same number of points. They started together. So why not ? The delta can be explained by expos.

    Nobody try to attack them. KdTree is not interested by them maybe. (I will introduce this guy later. We are on a big fish).

    2. Their progress

    We can't do better in terms of synchronization.

    They up together.

    Zoom on the first month

    We can see that only one curve.

    They are good :)

    They do the same things. You can check they had the same lvl of resarch.

    3. Their planets

    I probed only one planet of each. Random.

    Eula : sr-jp-101-373d389a10792c29a334bdab478f12f13e9ba38f

    Klee : sr-jp-101-0d81bf9de3618b7ac6e41de5e27b18ec1e1a1c16

    Amber : sr-jp-101-8110a2fb8bdf6efe38428ed0cd0d6c0f630833bc

    What can we see :

    They all have 1500 LC and no defense.

    I can farm when i want right ? It's not so easy. I will show you what it happens.

    Their buildings

    Eula :

    Klee :

    Amber :

    If you check API it's the same picture :)

    Their research

    Ranking :

    I will just show you Eula because you have understood it's all the same

    They all have espionnage lvl 4 for example. No one has up lvl 5 for example by mistake :)

    Their fleet

    The best for the end !

    two interesting things.

    They have almost the same fleet. Delta is by the expo.

    I can't add more screen.

    They have 3B of resources and only 6M of points.

    Honestly i have never seen before.

    Eula, Klee, Amber are playing identically for 3 months now.

    To be continued.

    I will show what it's happen when you attack them.

    And what is their strategy.

  • What is happenning when you attack them


    I attacked Eula in G5. He had 3K of LC + 64M of resources

    I checked 15 sec before impact. Acti he moved all his resources

    I phalanxed in G4 just to check

    He sent his fleet on deploiement mode.

    He waited 1h20 to recall.


    I did the same because i am gambler to see. And guess what ? Exactly the same things :)

    For 19h00 this time. Like this he has the time to recall when he will be online :fatgreengrin:

    I said that because the first time he didn't have time to recall. I attacked him at 02h00 ST. So he hadn't LC to save his resources. Poor Eula.

    But you know i am not a robot. I have a real life so i couldn't avoid him to put his LC. And for what ?

    + And guess what i have never seen this account without acti.

    Koop do you know how to attack this kind of player ? At any time they are here to send their fleet on deploiement. At any time.

  • Hi,





    Let me introduce Geologist Altair from [Y-S]

    Can we check him ?

    He doesn't have defense as his team mates.

    What happens if I attack him?

    We will see it :)

  • Guess what ?

    His fleet escaped few sec before the hit

    At 40 sec he didn't escape

    Damn maybe a next time here