Andromeda is a chaos universe ?

  • Andromeda is a chaos universe ?

    Koop maybe you can answer to me... if you are not too busy.

    You are in the best position

    i didn't find all setings of this universe.

    What I observe of this universe makes me think that not all the rules apply.

    Koop can you make me a clarification of the rules in force on this universe?

    Thank you very much.

  • Koop i have asked you something.

    8 days later i am still waiting an answer.

    Andromeda is a chaos universe or not ?

    Only you can tell it to me. I can't find original seeting.

  • In all of OGame Japan's universes, all game rules apply as stated within the "ルール", in the footer of the game's pages. You will also be able to see and check the game rules here.

    This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Multi
    • Sitting
    • Bashing
    • Pushing
    • Bugusing / Scripting

    Additionally to these game rules, also Gameforge's general Terms and Conditions of Use‬ apply as well. You will find them here or within the imprint.