15.09: version 8.3.0 live

  • Dear Community,

    On Wednesday, the 15th of September we will have the next version in the live servers.

    The update will come at 10:00 CEST to UK (09:00 UK server time).

    The rest of the countries will be updated at 13:00 CEST.

    This patch will come on Friday , the 10th of September Monday, the 13th of September to the PTS.


    • The effects of items for Fleet Slots, Expedition Slots, Planet Fields and Moon Fields of various levels (bronze, silver, gold and platinum) can now be active simultaneously.
      • Players can, for example, have a moon with 20 additional fields by activating the following fields: Bronze Moon Fields (+2), Silver Moon Fields (+4), Gold Moon Fields (+6) and Platinum Moon Fields (+8).
      • Activating Fleet or Expedition Slot items of the same level of an already active item increases its duration. For example, if a player activates ‘Bronze Expedition Slots (1w)’ while ‘Bronze Expedition Slots (1w)’ is already active, the duration will be extended by a week to a total duration of two weeks.
      • The new item behaviour will first take effect with version 8.2.0 and will not apply retroactively to items that were removed by activating better variants of the same type.
    • [Bugfix] Several background optimizations have been applied to the game.
    • [Bugfix] Activating fleet slot and expedition slot items in this version brings back their their expiration date, making them temporary.
    • [Bugfix] You cannot access your ships while combat is still being calculated on the planet they are stationed on as a measure to avoid fleet duplication.
    • [Bugfix] The espionage system feature now displays the amount of sent out Espionage Probes again. It also works on each successive attempt again.

    Best regards,

    Your OGame Team

  • Hello commanders!

    EN rounds are with the new version but currently there are some issues with the shop. We are on it and will let you know as soon as it is fixed.


  • Hello again commanders!

    The problems with the Shop were fixed and all universes should be able to access it again.

    Thank you for your patience!

    With this maintenance we also added to the Shop the Expedition Slot (+1, +2, +3) and Fleet Slot items ( +2, +4, +6) all for 7, 30 and 90 days.

    The buddy items were also finally removed from the Shop.