List of universe settings

  • Hey,

    I wanted to have a look at my account after a few years. Looks like my old universe was removed and I have to resettle my account. Unfortunately I cannot find any universe settings for the different universes. Is there a list, which tells me exactly which settings I can expect in which universe? Especially the DE or EN universes, as I will play in one of these.

    thanks in advance for your help.

  • happend the same to me, came back after a couple of years and couldnt log in to my old forum and ogame acc, heard they did a little bit of clean up because the forum was slow, googd luck tracking own these things


  • For .Org and .De you should be able to find a uni summary in the description of the uni on each forum sections.

    If you want the full details you can maybe have a look at MMORPG:…ers.php?pays=2&univers=_1 for .Org…ers.php?pays=1&univers=_1 For .De

    For the other languages, pick the flag at the top (second option in) then down the bottom select the Features tab:

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