Searching for up to 3 deuterium traders ( Buying Duet )

  • Hello, I am searching for partners who will sell me deuterium. I am always able to buy any amout of deuterium you can sell, but minimum is 500k per trade. My ratios are good - 2.7 (metal) : 1.7 (crystal) : 1 (deut) .
    Also, you can always chose which resource you want to buy, or you want both metal and crystal. Also, I am online always, only not when I sleep, so as soon as you need ress, I will be ready to trade. If you are interested, contact me here on forum or just PM me ingame.
    Ingame nick same as here - Croatian Axe

    Axe is for build, Axe is for destroy :bibob::bibob::bibob::bibob::bibob: