Volans rank ~35 giveaway

  • Hello Again. Last time I was playing Ogame it was in 2009-2010.

    It was the first redesigned universe (if I remember correctly): Uni 42.

    I was rank 1 and it was great fun, but I had to quit because I was heavily investing my time.

    Few months back I had an accident and I was at the hospital.

    Out of boredom, I looked up to see if Ogame was still around.

    I started casually, but of course I was sucked in again and grinded my way up to rank 35.

    It still is a fun game and I like it very much, but I cannot control the time I spent playing and so I have to stop.

    Instead of deleting the account (like I did with my first one), I decided to give the account away in an effort to support the Universe.

    The account is perfectly setup. 12 planets (+12 moons) evenly spread across it's 6 galaxies for maximum coverage.

    Each planet (and moon) is identical in buildings and defenses. (OCD much?)

    High level mines, nanites, phalanxes etc and also 1+ billion of defense in each planet.

    Around 15 billion of sensible fleet.

    All officers still active for at least 2-3 months, class change items for all classes are available (Trader is currently active) and around ~300k dark matter left.

    Never crashed, never raided, never got the attention of big dogs.

    What I ask is the account to be taken over by someone who knows how to take care of an account and NOT have an account in Volans already.

    I don't want to become another multi. The universe allows it, but it is something I dislike.

    You can see more details about the account here (select time range of all-time): https://www.mmorpg-stat.eu/0_f…r=110587.dat&univers=_174

    Send your messages with a small description of your Ogame journey please and keep on flying. ;)