11.10: Reward System Event on PTS

  • Dear community,

    on Monday 11th we will have a reward system event starting in the PTS servers only.

    It will last till Tuesday 02.11.

    It starts at 12:00 CEST.

    The daily tritium cap is on 1000 (+ 20% with all commanding staff).

    It contains 7 tiers.

    The idea of running this event is to test ALL missions and see if there is any mission left to fix in upcoming versions.

    Spoiler alert: the first Tier rewards contain commanding staff for the rest of the event.

    If you find any bugged mission, please let us know. :)

    Required tritium to unlock a tier:

    Tier 1: 3000

    Tier 2: 6000

    Tier 3: 9000

    Tier 4: 12000

    Tier 5: 15000

    Tier 6: 18000

    Tier 7: 21000

    Your OGame Team

  • Rav3n

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