what can i do against bullies?

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  • Hi, I have gotten into a conflict with an alliance because some people of that alliance harassed me and i bit back.

    It begun to derail after a player with 10 times more points than me spend some dark matter on moving a colony next to my hp. I saw this, and imagined he would be trying to take down my moon there.

    To desencourage this, i made the choice to biuild defence on my moons. It has worked in the past, and i am used to play with smart players who go for profit, and not emotional players, who just want to destroy you.

    This afternnon my account suffered a series of attacks, and survived a couple of moon destructions. However, the player decided to send missiles to 5 closeby targets, spending in total over 110 times 50 missiles to my defences. Effectively destroying it.

    Now, personally it doen't damage me, but generally i am appaled to see that there are such scumbag players. Sorry, and no sorry, i find this infantile and it is clearly set to destroy someones amusement in the game.

    And that's the issue. There are players like that, immature players, who are just out to annoy you. The best part of it all, is that he asked his alliance members to help him and get on my back as well.

    I find this pathetic and i spoke to the person in question about this, but he's a liar and showed me that his personality is not one i would get along with.

    But where's the limit? I expect that alliance to destroy all of my moons within a couple of days, so then i'll be without moons and defence, knowing that to rebuild it, i'll have to invest 5 times to 10 more resources to build it then for them to destroy this. Building rockets isn't a solution because they can build and send 50 rockets every minute while i can only dream of that (if i wanted that)

    I've heard about the option to headhunt, but then i need someone who fulfills it, and even then, it's not a solution for other players who are experiencing the same bully tactics as me.

    Any advice is welcome, and anyone from the alliance THE GAME: shame on you for being in such an alliance. I'm sure it's fun laughing at the common adversaries, but have yo ever considered these are people? It's not because you are unhappy that you must try to take the fun out of this game.

    Thank you for reading,


  • You got me curious, so I looked up Cygnus on mmorpg-stat.

    Looking at the MD/ML of Cygnus, I became quite certain you were going by the name Alien. That account had recently suffered a few losses, and it looked like it was mainly a player named AZLAND, but also another player from his alliance "THE GAME". https://prnt.sc/1xr1i94

    I looked up Alien and turns out I was right. https://prnt.sc/1xqwsdb

    I even went to check if the two of you had a planet in the same system, and https://prnt.sc/1xr1blz

    I don't have an account in this uni. I'm also not sure how often the galaxy view on mmorpg-stat updates. However it looks like you have 4 planets without moons now.

    tl;dr: Player "AZLAND" and alliance "THE GAME" is bullying player "Alien".

  • Thanks Sazr,that was perfectly explained.

    The Monster

  • As for what you can do, there really isn't much. They have the fleet, so they also have the power.

    - You can try to out wait them and just take the hits, eventually they will get bored of you.

    - You can Vmode, start another uni and come back when a merge happens.

    - I don't think fighting them will get you anywhere, but you can always try. Maybe try get some help.

  • That's how it is, the moon destruction attempts failed so the 4 planets without a moon aren't new. The 3 moons and 5 planets without a defence on the other hand, that's new.

    What i fear most, is that I'm suspicious that this alliance THE GAME is sytematically bullying players like this.

    What I do is give them red triangles in return and try to obstruct their gameplay. I've also tried to contact a couple of ally members but there isn't really a response.

    The ironic thing is that i was planning to use this account as a seeding account for new players to feed off. So even if my account ends up moonless and defenseless, it will still benefit enough players.

    I'd like to bring some joy in this game, and i don't get off at destroying a fleet anymore, so i am working out games that can be played within ogame. I should probably contact an admin for that.

    Thank you for the advice and i'll just wait unitl they realise they're spending way too much energy on something negative and go from there. I don't know their ages, for all i know they could be kids. But i'd like an option to ban players ingame. Like on facebook. They don't see me, i don't see them. That's a perfect world xD

  • so far i have 20 pages of combat reports from missiles collapsing into my defence.... Nobody is going to tell me that's normal behaviour. This person has a serious issue.

  • Hi, I have gotten into a conflict with an alliance because some people of that alliance harassed me and i bit back.

    I imagine that the root of the problem comes from this statement. When you say that you got into a conflict with that alliance, what happened? Have they reacted to something they thought you did wrong or did they overreact to something you did or said? Or did they target you out of the blue? I see from your stats that you do not have a huge fleet so I am wondering if they are after getting resources or something.


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    madheadshrinker 18.01.2015 13:49:32
    You actually are insane

  • Ogame is a strategy game and like it or not involves politics. Stop being a victim, messaging other members of his alliance is only going to make things worse.

    Propose a weekly deut trade with main aggressor.

    Defense should only be enough as a deterrent for 1days produce, it is essentially just points to lose.

  • What I do is give them red triangles in return and try to obstruct their gameplay. I've also tried to contact a couple of ally members but there isn't really a response.

    That won't solve anything and will just agitate them more than anything else. It could also potentially get you in trouble with the GOs should they report it for overview spam (depending on the situation).

    A flashing red triangle isn't going to obstruct anything for anyone...it's just an annoyance and most players will ignore it anyway because they know they've gotten under your skin for you to do that and will probably just have a good laugh about it at your expense in their discord channel.

    Don't turtle, move RES daily, and don't draw attention unless you're prepared for attention...

  • Hi, I have gotten into a conflict with an alliance because some people of that alliance harassed me and i bit back.

    I imagine that the root of the problem comes from this statement. When you say that you got into a conflict with that alliance, what happened? Have they reacted to something they thought you did wrong or did they overreact to something you did or said? Or did they target you out of the blue? I see from your stats that you do not have a huge fleet so I am wondering if they are after getting resources or something.

    I am a defensive player and get into conflict with players that (to my standards) harass more than play.

    In the meantime i figured out what was the objective of this bullying, and that's to stimulate me to copy their playing style and build rocket silos. It was supposed to be a lesson and a payback for my big mouth,

    The result of 250 (25 pages of reports!) seems more like an emotional reaction to me than a lesson. I'm over the getting annoyed part, so that's very good, but i think it shouldn't be possible for a player who's ten times stronger to sabotage defenseless players lie that. It's about fair play and fun. This is harassment

    i do that. I know how to play. And i've played before. I didn't expect it to be possible to shoot my defence that easy wih rockets (in time, the attacker still has to do the clicks) I generally don't get into trouble except when they react much more severe than me.

    I do the attacks because it is the only thing i can do. It's that or nothing. Or if you have any tips on how to get back at someone with ten times more points than you? I also want to keep that planet locked so later tonight i can try to blow it up before i go into holiday mode. I might be weak but i got some weapons to fight .

    I've also decided to quit that uni and do something else with my time.

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  • Ok so heres the thing, I have hit you for profit on 3 or 4 occasions every time you come back at me with abusive messages but I let it slide. Then you spout off about how in December you will have an almighty alliance moving to Cygnus and you are going to MD all my moons and smash my fleet yada yada yada. My alliance buddy looking for a new place to put a planet moves into your area and not in 24 hours as you state but a good 4 or 5 days before but you are such a poor player you do not notice.He did send 1 esionage at you when he sent everywhere to scout the new area , basically his move was not an agressive move but a long term defensive move in case you came good on your threats. Out of the blue you sent a MD mission and 4 other attacks at him, this was without provercation and when he retaliated you come crying on the boards looking for help. You insigated the retaliation there was no attacking from him . During all this you sent not only abusive messages to him but also to myself and to other members of our alliance. You fail to tell the whole story and whether people choose to beleive you or not is up to them but I am here to set the record straight . If you attack a player no matter what there points status then expect retaliation. When I pointed out to you his planet had been there for days and to check with mmorphstats you replied saying I dont use tools and accused me of being a liar, people on the boards know me from my posts and ingame chat and Im pretty sure they know I dont lie but again it is up to them . So to set the record straight AZ did not attack untill after you sent attacks and MD at him , the planet was there for a good 4 days before you spotted it, you sent abusive messages at a number of our alliance members and in my case you sent for days and days , if not weeks after I hit your fleet.

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  • Alien sent some very nasty messages after i ESP him about an hour later and I could have gotten him banned but our galaxy is needing players so i didn't report it. My planet was there for at least 4 days... on the 4th day or so I was esp the galaxy and he saw that esp about an hour later... I didn't attack him because he only had about 8 or 9kk so it wasn't really for me... then next thing i know I get this barrage of nasty messages from him... I didn't answer him and he got mad ...started sending attacks... the first being a Moon Destruction then 4 other attacks making them last 48 hours or so EA... I started to missile his def on the 2 planets next to me.... told him to stop the long attacks and I would stop...But he kept going all day long while still messaging me... at this point I had had enough and wiped out 7 of his planets def and 2 moons def ... but never blew up any of his moons. I can't post the nasty nasty messages he sent here but i have them until Ogame erases them. He says we are bullies but how can we/I be a bully if he is the aggressor... just because he didn't think i would respond like he thought I would is not my fault either... if your going to attack someone for no reason you need to be ready to back up your play and accept whatever the consequences may be. He needs to learn to pick his battles and know when to fight and when not to fight. Perhaps he learned that he needed to have a few antiballistic missiles to protect his defenses...

    Happy Gaming to Everybody

  • PANDEMIC and Desperado : a lot of defending yourself, but do you admit that your playing style isn't very appreciated? That's what this is about. It's about your style of play. I'm peaceful but when i see players play like you two i get annoyed and want to hit them ingame, but i can only use words.

    Pandemic: i wanted to push you away from that threatening position. And no, i didn't expect 250 !!!!! missile attacks. Whatever you say, that is exaggerated and tells me you got an issue.

  • If you leave a profitable fleet sat you will get it recycled , the way I play is my interpretation of the game. which I am entitled to play. I do not like receiving abusive messages but understand that when players log on and find they have just had millions of points lost through their own lazy play or stupidity or even just through not understanding how to FS you can get emotional . This universe supports agressive play, I myself have benn destroyed a few times , Song took my fleet only a few months ago but I did not send abusive messages or come on the boards whining I accepted it and gave my attacker congrats and started rebuilding . If you dont want to be attacked then 1, dont leave yourself profitable , 2, dont attakc players who are stronger than yourself and expect it to go unpunished .BTW I wasnt defending myself I was putting the full story out there by adding what you had failed to put in your post. Maybe you omitted these facts for the sympahty vote but calling people liars and then failing to be truthfull yourself is not a way to get people onside .

  • When I first read this post, I was sympathetic. OGame is a war game, and you can play it however you want (within the rules), but it helps nobody if you’re a jerk, and prevent others from growing.

    in this situation, you are being the jerk. You seem to have an expectation that everyone will leave you alone, and when anyone shows any interest, you become incredibly hostile, in the form of MD’s, spam multi day attacks, and abusive messages.

    It’s one thing to probe someone back when they probe you. If someone is actively hunting you with a mobile, popping their moon overnight makes sense. Myself, I have certainly had IPM parties where I’ve launched 10k+ ipms at a moon I wanted to pop looking for a fleet.

    Going haywire when someone settles in your system, and starts looking for profit makes you the bad guy. I’m 100% with Deperado and crew here.

    You made your bed, now you must lay in it. However, I hope you allow me to give you some advice.

    1. Stop holding the grudge. You messed up, continuing to be pissed at players that are stronger than you won’t help.

    2. Lay low, and don’t give them a reason to keep trying to knock you down a peg. Don’t spam their overview with attacks, don’t pop their moons, don’t IPM their defense. Reasonable probing is fine, and if you find a profitable hit, it seems very reasonable to take it, even against them. They won’t hold a grudge forever if you don’t.

    3. Play defensively. Learn to properly protect the red on your colonies. If you suspect your defense is going to be destroyed, don’t build defense, and build mines/facilities/research/ships instead. Keep your ships in the air where they can’t be hit. People in this game generally only care about attacks for profit. Stop giving people a reason to attack for reasons other than profit, and don’t set yourself up for profitable hits.

    A few final thoughts: I, nor likely anyone in HOT, will take a headhunt from you on anyone you have complained about in this thread. Not because I’m friends with any of them, or I don’t want to recycle their fleets, but because I don’t want to encourage players with poor sportsmanship/manners into thinking they can always bring in a bigger fish to save them. I doubt anyone else will help you either, given the full story.

  • Hmmm, like The Joker, I too was sympathetic to this players plight. But after reading Desperado's post, (I know him to be a truthful and honest player) and Desperado's views being reinforced by PANDEMIC, I too, like The Joker won't he helping this person out. I so hate it when some noobish fool sends attacks that dont land for 1 or 2 days and I have to see that damn red triangle. Therefore, based on a preponderance of the evidence and the fact that I know Desperado to speak truthfully (based on past encounters with him, he was always good sport and friendly.) Said player just needs to grow up and take some sportsmanship lessons. Also, Im glad I didnt do anything before hearing both sides of story. Over and out.