Solo Top 10 - [TOT: 4.545.843.500] Balkanac [SoA] vs. Kat [DARK] (A: 794.153.000, D: 3.751.690.500)

  • I have little story to tell...

    Once upon a time there was a little boy called Kat. He was very confident that his fleet is safe, but evil Balkanac decided to send MD missions on him. So his moons were down, and his FS was on DF. He was doomed, and no one could help him. Later that day evil Balkanac would crush half of his fleet, and Kat congatulated him. He was humble, something that isn't usually his trait.

    36h later, second part of his fleet were coming home, but he called his little friend from little dwarfs, or titans I really cant tell. Two of them came, and Balkanac was happy because he can have fun. They blocked sistem with destroyed planets so no one can come to help evil attacker. But 3vs1 isn't enough power for dwarfs, so they tried to get DF, and succeeded. The End.



    ~Armand S

    On 31-10-2021 --:--:--, the following fleets met in battle:

    Attacker Balkanac [SoA]


    Light Fighter 1.039.868

    Cruiser 104.661

    Battleship 50.632

    Battlecruiser 51.107


    Defender Kat [DARK]


    Recycler 1

    Solar Satellite 3.453

    Deathstar 371

    Crawler 862

    Rocket Launcher 2.257

    Light Laser 12.048

    Small Shield Dome 1

    Large Shield Dome 1


    After the battle ...

    Attacker Balkanac [SoA]


    Light Fighter 982.977 ( -56.891 )

    Cruiser 99.090 ( -5.571 )

    Battleship 47.902 ( -2.730 )

    Battlecruiser 48.269 ( -2.838 )


    Defender Kat [DARK]




    The attacker has won the battle!

    The attacker captured:

    0 Metal, 0 Crystal and 0 Deuterium

    The attacker lost a total of 794.153.000 units.

    The defender lost a total of 3.751.690.500 units.

    At these space coordinates now float 1.408.090.200 metal and 1.045.796.400 crystal.

    The attacker captured a total of 0 units.

    The chance for a moon to be created from the debris was 20%.

    Summary of profit/losses:

    Summary attackers(s)

    Metal: -490.083.000

    Crystal: -250.358.000

    Deuterium: -53.712.000

    The attacker(s) lost a total of 794.153.000 units.

    Summary defender(s)

    Metal: -1.879.380.000

    Crystal: -1.498.720.000

    Deuterium: -373.590.500

    The defender(s) lost a total of 3.751.690.500 units.

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  • Now that the warning is out of the way :P

    Congratulations on the new Top 10. I'll move it soon.

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  • Someone is mad and showed lack of respect and fair play but that was expected.

    Don't start with excuses, Sekula had many hours to come to system he didn't come, I guess the 1B deut he was bragging about for the last couples week ran out. Sekula was in the shadows waiting for us if we got your return so it was a 2v2, yes I had your return timed but why do it when can just get the free 2.5B df. You guys just outplayed and outsmarted and lacked fair-play in the end.

    Much could be said, but in the end, I made you both look like fools.

    It's funny how in this universe people talk about respect and such, but when they get outplayed, name calling comes up, as lack of respect and fair play, I guess they only like to look at their own belly.

    Someone said, less talking and more shooting, well here it is. Not to talk about the 45 DS lost aswell

    have a great week everyone.

    By the way. the DF is back to Kat, where it belongs. I don't play for profit but to have fun and for the friendship. So Kat, next time your kid wants to go for ice cream, eat one for me and enjoy your time with him :)

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  • Sorry kat, i know having a kid is a big deal, no worries mate, real life always comes first, specially for ice cream!
    FR for both
    PS: Kat is always nice and humble, he's one of the few people who plays this game for the good laughs and not for the profit.

  • blew it..........2 seconds..............on lanx..............df...................gone...................

    and your buddy

    +5M MP

    WOW................. Dark Matters :whistling::whistling::rolleyes::rolleyes::loveeyes::loveeyes:


    The End

  • Sorry to see you hit Kat, you’re a great asset to the uni and a really nice guy! Rebuild will be fast, let me know if you need anything :thumbsup:

    Kids and life come first, my 9 month old girl will always be priority over a game :love: (not that I want old hand to know this :dead:)

    Balk - it’s a nice hit, but how you didn’t secure df on a 36hr lanx I will never understand… don’t be sloppy or the little dwarfs will be there :fatgreengrin:


  • Same as the other thread. Banter is fine and everything but keep it within limits. Don't want to be the police in here and stop the fun.

    Moved to Top 10 Section.

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    Super Advanced HOFS - 56

    Hyper Advanced - 2
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  • Armand, I dont think there was any insult, but I accept your call and apologize.

    Shade you first need to earn respect, so name of your planet wouldn't get you there. What excuses, why would Sekula come...I really lost you there? You talk about him, but he didn't do anything. Hmm, 45DS, you need more lessons in math. You called out Old Hand that he run away from you, because you have badass fleet....I didn't saw that fleet. So it is just a talk as you said.

    Daemon, for which profit Kat doesn't care? He is miner... Or do you think he doesn't care for profit and trade with Shade 2:1:1 so he can be n1 :thumbsup:.

    Ozzy, that story about kid and ice cream is really hilarious. You tell me that FS on df is faster to be done than deploy on moon? :biggrin: And also that 2 FS was cca 24h apart, so yep that was bad FS and he done it all the time, dont blame it on kiddo. Whats the difference Ozzy, 36h or 2h? Problem was that his fleet came down in tricky time for me, and tomorrow was a work day. So the DF got the fleet which flew first. I didn't have time to start on 10% and then wait it to come back, so your teammate got DF. Your friends had 36h, as you said, to plan out the defense, but no, why would they risk their fleet :crying:. After all, Kat lost all of his fleet, and got second wave DF...and than your friend talk that he outsmarted someone:biggrin:.

  • Oh put a cork in it already. :topicclosed:

  • it's very funny i even told you this in game and i will tell you again it's so funny to see all of you talk about respect and morales and such but:

    I helped out a friend, took the whole DF and gave it all back to Kat to help him because it was the right thing to do and I didn't even take one resource and yet you come out and talk about honor and respect when you are the ones that have nothing. My planet's name was named that because you sent me message hours before the hit saying for me to back off it was your MD and if I was going to defend you said good luck and bla bla so, if someone started it was you. You were just so mad that you started to be disrespectful, you and only you.

    You say my fleet wasn't there and etc, i think you meant: you DIDN'T t see my fleet, and even if it wasn't there, apparently it wasn't even necessary.

    And by the way, i haven't made 1 single trade with Kat and not even 2:1:1. Just shows you sassy and starting to make up stuff to be looked as good.

    I don't care about rank, when I join titans i was around top 20 and worked my way up, I guess the competition is just not on my level..

    About you making excuses about not getting the df.. you had 48H to prepare yourself and in the end you didn't get it, and even more in the end Kat lost fleet but you lost in total 400m since you lost 40+ deathstars in the process. And I had around 6H to prepare the defense, not 36 like you think. Kat may lost fleet but he has great econony to build up faster than you while you have mines that a worth a bag of paper.

    In the end you got outplayed and you can't recognise it because you are pissed, not to talk about the weird message you sent me hours prior saying me to back off :lol::lol:

    But like I said, i always have fair play, I just don't have much towards people that don't have fair play.

    good luck.

  • 1) Not sure how taking your kid out for an ice cream is hilarious… :doofylook:

    2) You must be dreaming or drunk because we’ve never spoken about FS’ing? :modo:

    3) Tricky time and work…. Now that is ironic… :lol:

    Don’t understand why you can’t just congratulate someone on the smart play rather than just talk trash :zpopcorn:


  • Aaaaaand just like that, no longer a Top 10. Moved to CR Section.

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