Hello Dorado

  • Hello there.Im new guy in the universe.I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina and live there, also a citizen of Serbia.I see some familiar names on highscores.I just started today.No matter how many times I quit I always come back sooner or later.

    I basicly came here to chill and find some friends to play and have fun with.

    I chose this universe because my life doesnt allow me to play in speed unis and 16 years ago all I knew was x1 and I always liked it.Also I find speed unis dumb and waste of time,allthough I can understand no life credit card fleeters who like adrenaline it provides them with.I dont like how ogame changed,but dorado is closest to vanilla and I will avoid buying dark matter,im gonna find it in black holes.

    I have experience,always used to be a fleeter,allthough never top 100 player because in the last few years I tend to quit fast because of all this credit card fleeting and res buying.I didnt play for like 3 years unless I am mistaken.

    I am searching for some alliance who is willing to invite me.My goal for a long long long time will be mining and chilling.Dont have time for anything else.I might and probably will become fleeter again,who knows,but atm I dont have any plans.

    So basicly looking for alliance who is willing to invite a guy with 0 points and who will mine and chill for a long time and then fleet later, and looking for people to hand around with,talk to and kill time with.

    I really miss talking to people in ogame,thats whats special to me in this game.

    Thats it,hope someone answers. My nickname in game is venommourne.