Graveyard FAQ

  • Where can I move an account from the Graveyard?

    Once in the Graveyard, the migration menu allows you to pick a server from ANY language community as long as you are not in the top 20.

    How does the server calculate where I can move?

    In the migration menu, you select a community (for example: EN). The script then checks if you are in the top 20 of EN (not world-wide) and gives you the option to select the servers where your account is below the top 20.

    Does the script only calculate the general points?

    No, the script runs through general points, economy points, military points AND research points individually. After that it also takes the amount of resources in the account, turns it into points (2.5-1.5-1 ratio) and sums it up to the general points to then provide the target options.

    If I have an account that is top 20 in every SI server, will the system show all SI servers even if I have the option to move to an EN server where I wouldn't end up in the top 20?

    Unfortunately yes. The script does not calculate ALL servers world-wide before giving you the option, but only the list of servers selected within a specific community language. That means, if you are a top 300 in general in all UK servers, but you are a top 20 in general in all servers in SI, the system will display all SI servers if you select that community as a target country.

    Can that be changed?

    It is not possible for the moment. That makes the script check every single rank world-wide, which is what makes the migration tool not load for the players (reason why we had to do the transfers manually for all accounts until version 8.3.0.

    What do I do in case a top 20 account ends up in my community?

    Create a support ticket and send your local Game Administrator a private message on the forum. If the merge is not allowed we will assist the player find a more appropriate server. It is ALWAYS possible to return to the original server where the account was before being merged to the Graveyard.

    Does it mean they are breaking the rules by moving to the top 20?

    According to the script: NO. According to the migration rules: YES. Remember, the script does not check every universe world-wide but instead ONLY checks the possible targets within the selected communities. The restrictions are there to try and protect the balance of the universes as best we can so if there is a more appropriate target for the account, we will help the player find the best solution.

    I just moved to the Graveyard and I cannot move my account back to my original server. What do I do?

    Create a support ticket and we will look into the issue. The most likely cause of this issue is your account still needs to go through the deletion process on the original server which takes 7 days. We can always engage Gameforge to look into issues if necessary.

    My account on the Graveyard is in the top 20 of every server in my original community but is not top 20 world-wide. Can I pick any universe within my community as a merge target?

    Yes, that was meant to be the case originally when the migration tool was created, to allow a person to move wherever they want within their original community even if they are in the top 20 of every universe in their community.

    I have an account which is top 20 world-wide. I can move to any community and universe I choose, right?

    No. You should select a universe in your original community as this is the only way we have of protecting our smaller communities. This has been done since the beginning of the Graveyard in our smaller communities and is now a rule implemented world-wide.

    My account was merged to the Graveyard from a universe which was less than 1 year old. Am I allowed to merge my account back to the original universe?

    Yes. Moving your account back to your original universe is ALWAYS an option.

    Can I merge my account to a chaos universe?

    You can move to a chaos universe (where rules do not apply or apply partially), but once an account is in a chaos universe it can only be moved back into either the original chaos universe or another community's chaos universe. An account which was in a chaos universe is not allowed to merge into regular universes.