14.12: Version 8.5.0

  • Hi all,

    On Tuesday 14th of December, we will bring the version 8.5.0 to the live servers.

    The update will come at 09:00 Server Time (10:00 CET) to the EN community, the rest of the servers will be updated at 13:00 CET.

    Patch Notes

    • [Update] Pirates encountered on expeditions now have combat technology of at least level 3.
    • [Update] Aliens and pirates no longer attack expedition fleets which have at least one Deathstar.
    • [Bugfix] Improved the loading times for switching between solar systems in the galaxy view.
    • [Bugfix] An error was fixed where multiple overlays could not be opened twice in a row without refreshing the page.
    • [Bugfix] Ship tooltips in Fleet Dispatch I can no longer block the input field of the ship type they are presented over.
    • [Bugfix] A ship’s fuel capacity now corresponds to the current load capacity instead of the basic value of the load capacity.
    • [Bugfix] Various backend changes
    • [Bugfix] Reworked multiple parts of the Galaxy view.

    Occasional display issues may occur after the update which can be corrected by emptying the browser cache (Ctrl + Shift + R).

    Kind Regards,

    Your OGame Team

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