2021 OGame Year in Review

  • Hello players,

    As we get closer to the end of 2021, I would the community to reflect on this last year in OGame.

    Tell me who you would place in these categories looking back over this last year:

    Top 5 fleeters

    Top 5 miners

    Most feared player

    Most improved player

    Top alliance

    Most feared alliance

    What you believe to be the best hit

    Remember, board rules apply so no bashing/trolling/flaming/ etc.

    I made this a spam thread so the rules will be more lax, but keep the banter friendly please.

  • Oh I love these posts!

    Top 5 fleeters (I'm biased okay):

    Learner driver

    Big daddy Al



    Esio trot (active or not your cargos will run scared)

    Top 5 miners:



    MCW (sure he was on my list last year)



    Most feared:

    Big daddy Al - Even when that guys mining he still smacks half the uni without trying. Be scared. Run to vmode. Quit ogame. Daddy's gonna get ya!

    Most improved:

    Jotunn - gone from a pure miner to a huge miner to a big boy fleeter!? Picked up the fleeting side quick as lightening and definitely one to watch in the new year.

    Top alliance:

    Cmon. Its FGR.

    Most feared alliance:

    For a while at the start of the year I might have said assassin but as of late they haven't done much and what they have done half of it gets ninjad. Some people are scared of clowns. I'm not.

    Best hit:

    100% when Al and myself got big boss. That wasn't about the profit for either of us. The revenge. The drama. The story. Best hit by far.

  • For the fleeter section there can definitely only be ONE winner, nevermind naming 5 fleeters.

    bbb wins it hands down. Neither FGR nor assassins have successfully crashed this player who doesn't fleetsave at his planet and moon in upper g7. We are just too scared to launch on him.

    United For Life

    Basic+Advanced -372

    Super Advanced HOFS - 52

    Hyper Advanced - 2
    Rips Killed - 19,268

    Top 10s- 5

  • Top 5 fleeters




    It's just a bloodbath behind the scenes with these 3.

    4.Big Daddy Al great Rivals make the game great

    5.Learner Driver

    Top 5 miners

    1. Narcotics

    2. Uno one



    5.MCW UK

    Most feared


    Most improved


    Top alliance

    Cmon Assassins

    Most feared alliance

    Assassins again

    Best hit

    GKP-Thunderchild-Budyser-Isaac-Taco vs Phobia

    ACS Top 02 - GKP, Thunder Child, Budyser, IsaacAsimov & Taco Stand [ASSASSIN] -vs- Phobia (aka Antis) - TD: 802,131G


  • Top 5 Fleeters

    1. Big Daddy Al - killing it with these hits lately

    2. Learner Driver - oportunistic

    3. Slevin - always looking

    4. Ocetlot - Great fleeter when he has time and isn't pretending to be a miner

    5. Baal

    Top 5 Miners

    1. Jotunn - killed it this year, just couldn't keep up with him

    2. Morgrim - long time alliance mate who broke the 1 billion point mark a couple month ago

    3. umit - ultimate respect for this guy

    4. Cascadeshrimp - always up there

    5. Big Daddy Al - went from a pure fleeter to pure miner and back and finally has a really good hybrid account

    Most Feared Player

    Gotta be Al at this point. Racking up hits this year.

    Most Improved Player

    Ocelot - Sometimes it takes time to learn not to get crashed. Despite Loosing 400kk fleet in July he's built back and better than ever.

    Top Alliance


    Most Feared Alliance

    Gotta think its FGR at this point

    Best Hit

    [TOT: 264.604.951.000] Ocelot44 [F G R] vs. Taco Stand [ASSASSIN] (A: 65.450.419.000, D: 199.154.532.000)

  • Referencing this year and attempting to be unbias (although difficult to do for obvious reasons)

    Top 5 fleeters (in no particular order):

    1. Ocelot44

    2. Learner Driver

    3. Big Daddy

    4. Thunder Child

    5. GKP

    Top 5 miners (in no particular order):

    1. Johocknut

    2. Big Daddy

    3. MCW UK

    4. Umit

    5. Narcotics

    Most Feared:

    Big Daddy, you don't want him to appear in your system

    Most Improved:

    Slevin, old school player but fresh into FGR, fitted right in and has made some great smacks. Lots of promise for the future, I sense more top 10's.

    Top Alliance:

    Bias aside I still believe this to be FGR, FGR will not bash you without reason, we will not make you pay silly trade prices, we will not cry if we get hit. We work as one, we attack as a team and we rebuild together when needed, you can't beat that.

    Most Feared Alliance:

    I still believe this to be Assassin purely for the fact they will bash your planets for little profits if any and will ask you for consistant cheap trades for it to stop.

    The BEST hit of 2021:

    Without a doubt, absoultely clear cut and easy decision:

    Top 01 - [TOT: 264.604.951.000] Ocelot44 [F G R] vs. Taco Stand [ASSASSIN] (A: 65.450.419.000, D: 199.154.532.000) - Top 10 Uni 1 - OGame EN (gameforge.com)

    Honourable mentions:

    Baal - This guy is someone you don't want to see attacking you, great fleeter and can play with the best

    Isaac & Budy - Always there when their team needs them

    Seraph - Turtle Smasher

    Sparky - Sense a great fleeter to be

    Esio - Making a slow but impactful return, love to see it

    Ghostwolf - Bigger fleet, more activity and I see a tough fleeter to beat in the future.

    FTN - Growing, learning and slowly becoming an alliance to watch. This alliance has done a lot for the growth of Uni1 and retention.

    There is in every one of us, even those who seem to be most moderate, a type of desire that is terrible, wild, and lawless.”


  • I appreciate the mentions, everyone! i don't consider myself to be top anything other than top $2 rub and tug. Will give my own input..

    Top 5 fleeters (in no order):

    1. Ocelot

    2. Learner Driver

    3. Slevin

    4. Sparky

    5. Thunder Child

    Top 5 miners (in no order):

    1. Jotunn

    2. Johocknut

    3. Red2141

    4. Blackbread

    5. Soong

    Most feared:

    Ocelot. He may not come off as being intimidating, but that plays to his advantage. If he gets his sights set on you, you better watch out. Eh, Taco?

    Most improved:

    This was a tough one, but imma have to go with Jotunn. He’s spent years building a solid economy, then one day came to his senses and gave fleeting a try. Right out of the gate he’s been making solid hits and providing valuable intel and recon. Keep it up, brother!

    Top alliance:

    Without being bias, I truly believe it’s FGR. We are hella active, a tight knit group, get on great with most everyone, are always willing to help each other as well as others, and don’t put up with some of the BS and bullying tactics that other alliances enforce.

    Most feared alliance:

    Assassins, they are the enforcers of bullying tactics which invoke fear into the hearts of men.

    Best hit of 2021:

    This was also a tough one, but it has to be ocelot vs Taco Stand (NN1 solo). So much planning, watching, and coordinating went into this hit on Ocelot’s part. He didn’t think he’d even catch him, despite all of FGR whole-heartedly believing it was only a matter of time.

    Honorable mentions:

    Esio - been afk soaking it up with his bae for awhile, but immediately came back to the game swinging.

    This group of players have grown exponentially. I knew them when they were wee lads suckling at the teet of the game. Now to see them grabbing boobs in a whole new way warms my heart.

    Baal-shamim: Have known Baal for years now, and I grow to like him more and more each day. Not as active as he used to be, but when he pops out and smacks something, man that gets my blood pumping.

    Ghost wolf: I love your tenacity and fire when it comes to things that you’re passionate about. And I believe you are the only person in this Uni who is a firm believer in bombers. Keep doing you.

    Monarch: Not sure who you are, but you came out swinging with that account. You have the fleeting skills of TC and Pat without the “charm”. And that’s a compliment.

    Amotion: you’ve only recently come back within the latter half of the year, but you came back with a vengeance. I always knew you were an OG fleeter, but you’ve proven that with how active you’ve been and with your hits made. Anyone on Amotion’s side is lucky to not be against him.

    Weird Al
    Former U29/U44
    Current U1

  • Top 5 Fleeters

    1. Big Daddy Al - always #1 in this uni

    2. Learner Driver - I mean, just a scary fleeter

    3. Thunder Child - a bully, but a powerful one

    4. Ocelot - solid fleeter when sober :)

    5. Baal - need I say anything about Baal? you try fighting this guy's fleet

    Top 5 Miners

    1. MCW UK - knows where to put his res, consistent through every merge

    2. Komarus - always growing

    3. Jotunn - power house eco and able to swap play styles properly makes him dangerous

    4. Narcotics - ever strong economy and holds his own

    5. Umit - still going

    Most Feared Player

    Big Daddy Al - because...

    Most Improved Player

    Ocelot - the definition of coming back bigger and better

    Top Alliance


    Most Feared Alliance

    I want to say FGR because of skill, cooperation and coordination but I have to say ASSASSIN because they use hateful tactics that will ruin your game unless you adhere to their bullying

    Best Hit

    easy... see link below

    [TOT: 264.604.951.000] Ocelot44 [F G R] vs. Taco Stand [ASSASSIN] (A: 65.450.419.000, D: 199.154.532.000)

  • Top 5 Fleeters

    (in no particular order)

    Big Daddy Al

    Learner Driver




    Most Improved



    Honourable Mention




    Top Miner


    NCW UK




    Best Alliance

    FGR - for shear quality and number of hits, both solo and ACS. no stupid "bully" hits, just pure profit, pure skill.

    Most Feared

    I have to say FGR. The Bish Bash Bosh tactic much favoured by that other group of players we all know ... nah. unimpressed with that.

    Best Hit

    The Big Boss hit and the Taco take down

    Many thanks for all the mentions guys. I certainly didn't expect to be on anyone's list, lol. It made me very happy, thanks again :thumbsup:

    Happy New Year !


    TOP 1 (solo) x 2

    TOP 1 (ACS) x 1
    TOP 10 (solo) x 3

    TOP 10 (ACS) x 9
    Super Adv lost count

  • I may do my rankings differently, biased to who us middle rankers see or interact with, or where there’s some uniqueness.

    Top fleeters

    Big Daddy Al & Slevin, their productivity is keeping the boards active.

    GKP & Thunderchild, whenever the players at the top go down, these names always appear.

    Amotion - seems to be the one pillaging our goody bags.

    Skull - supplied a dose of skilled hits to the boards this year.

    Ocelot - with a well researched NN1 hit, but needs to watch his vm status.

    Learner Driver

    Top miners

    Gardena (strong example of Discoverer mining from nothing in 2020)

    Jotunn (staple FGR with a recent change up)


    Coffy #1Eco

    Ivansii2 (keeping things competitive around my rank)

    Most feared player
    Big Daddy Al

    Most improved player


    Top alliance

    Monopoly on military as at today, Assassin.

    Consistently productive work from FGR with rising stars last few months gets my vote.

    Most feared alliance


    What you believe to be the best hit: There’s something entertaining seeing a team move in for a take down.

    [TOT: 4.372.531.500] Big Nub [F G R] & Learner Driver [F G R] vs. Lucky [RelVan] (A: 72.881.000, D: 4.299.650.500)

    ACS Top 02 - GKP, Thunder Child, Budyser, IsaacAsimov & Taco Stand [ASSASSIN] -vs- Phobia (aka Antis) - TD: 802,131G

    and a huge 40bn solo profit

    Top 02 - [TOT: 123.081.451.000] Learner Driver [F G R] vs. Puck [FZN] (A: 24.174.401.000, D: 98.907.050.000)