2021 OGame Year in Review

  • Hello players,

    As we get closer to the end of 2021, I would the community to reflect on this last year in OGame.

    Tell me who you would place in these categories looking back over this last year:

    Top 5 fleeters

    Top 5 miners

    Most feared player

    Most improved player

    Top alliance

    Most feared alliance

    What you believe to be the best hit

    Remember, board rules apply so no bashing/trolling/flaming/ etc.

    I made this a spam thread so the rules will be more lax, but keep the banter friendly please.

  • It's difficult, there are only ~40 or so active players (well at least this many unique names were making points today on stats) of players in Cygnus,

    Top 5 fleeters - no comment lol

    Top 5 miners - Samson, Rura, HiLana, . , .

    Most feared player - hate to admit but song and joker/grinder (barcode rank 7), when they go out of V few others hide

    Most improved player - Czar Iris flew up in the stats like wow, I'm really curious who it is, and me, I come out of 1.5 year or so game coma

    Top alliance - THE GAME, can't give HOT all the fame

    Most feared alliance - is there such a thing?

    What you believe to be the best hit - well obviously me hitting a bot user but that pales with other hits and there's a group I don't shill for haha, the CR section speaks for itself

  • Top 5 fleeters Rocky, Ckwalsh, Song, dmented, MindWar (while he was here)

    Top 5 miners Samson, rura, pink bits, NoobMiner (while he was playing), can't think of anyone else.

    Most feared player Song/MindWar (while he was here)

    Most improved player I'd say samson, he has maintained #1 and been doing very well compared to previous years. well done!

    Top alliance There's just one alliance baby, HOT!

    Most feared alliance HOT (House Of Terror)

    What you believe to be the best hit All of 2021 top 10s, including MindWar's hit on Rura. This must be my favorite in particular: CLICK ME

    Most Recycled Oparin/Artist

    Honorable Mention Czar Iris has done well so far, keep it up.

    It's time for Merge, this might be the last year for Cygnus! It was the best universe I've played in after Electra.

    It was a great year!

    Happy New Year Folks!!


    Don't let the game play you, instead of that Vmode fleetsave and play the game whenever you want.