2021 OGame Year in Review

  • Hello players,

    As we get closer to the end of 2021, I would the community to reflect on this last year in OGame.

    Tell me who you would place in these categories looking back over this last year:

    Top 5 fleeters

    Top 5 miners

    Most feared player

    Most improved player

    Top alliance

    Most feared alliance

    What you believe to be the best hit

    Remember, board rules apply so no bashing/trolling/flaming/ etc.

    I made this a spam thread so the rules will be more lax, but keep the banter friendly please.

  • I feel like this universe may be too quiet for this kind of thing.

    However, I would mention a few people from my alliance who may merit consideration.

    The alliance itself is now, unlike at the beginning of the year, number one in GDP, number one in eco points, and number one in top 50 players. An amazing run for a pure casual alliance. Good job, everyone.

    Sam is now top 10 (top 4 economy), with 94% eco points, and the second largest pure miner in the universe. Very impressive.

    Commissar Tom is now top 10 military with a single pure turtle, by far the largest in the universe, I believe.

    And Arcstranger, after an account loss due to some kind of v-mode bug, built up a new account almost to top 100 in just a few months this year. Sad that it was necessary, but a notable success.

    And updownquark, who, although no longer active in this universe, is advancing the state of the art in mining build order optimization. We've seen growth in the ranks and rapid scratch buildups like Arcstranger's in large part because of the highly optimized build orders his software produces.

    Overall I'm very proud of all the folks in Casuals.