Event Rewards Suggestions

  • Now that the events have been running for some time I would like to see some more variety in the types of rewards.


    Typical one is a platinum planet booster for +20 fields. Almost every event has one of these.

    Why not 5 bronze for an event?

    My reasoning: I have put platinum boosters on the planets I need them on. I can't stack the same level of booster so any additional ones either just stay in my inventory or go to planets that already have plenty of fields. It also means that players have more options to spread out the reward.

    Same could be said for many other boosters. I would accept 4 bronze boosters in the place of 1 platinum every now and then to have some variety. It could be argued unless you putting boosters on every planet, splitting up a single 40% worth of boost is safer from a production standpoint because you don't have one outlying planet that needs to be resourced saved on a different schedule then the rest.


  • A few more cargos, a little more defense and viola! FS problem solved :P

    On a serious note though, some bronze boosters every now and again are not a bad idea, but honestly GF usually offers gold and platinum for fields so just pick one or the other. Not sure how big your account is, but we have not had enough rewards events yet for me to put a platinum on all of my planets. If you still have issues, pick the gold option every now and again. The rewards picks are a balance like everything else in the game. Just a point of brutal honesty, if you need >35 fields from a platinum and a gold and have already cranked terraforming >6, did you really manage your account well and keep a large enough colony? With all of the bonus fields unis and the previously mentioned ways to get a ton of fields, I'm thinking probably not. Just my two cents.

  • All (outside of HW) were 255 plus when I got them with 8 of them 300+ because I am old enough that I got them before the redesign and lower limits. I know I should drop and rebuild my HW but it pains me to lose that much time and effort not to mention the point drop. So not a problem of fields but a question of long term planning and not wanting to keep things in inventory for no purpose.

    Moon slots are the same thing, I personally would prefer more bronzes so I could spread out the boost to multiple moons then to have one moon with a ton of empty slots while I am building more LB on the other ones.

    Variety is the spice of life.

  • A relocate or M.O.O.N.S create shots , even crawlers would be a welcome change

    I enjoy all the rewards that we get.:thumbsup:

    Yeah, they definitely need to add a relocation to the rewards list...that would help to offset some of the F2P vs P2W stuff at least. Crawlers would be nice also, especially since they have Reapers and Pathfinders in there occasionally...the problem being, finding a way to do it so the crawlers can be allocated the way you want them to be distributed and not just all dumped on the planet at once.