20 seconds rule - clarification

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  • Now, I didn't read all of this thread. But I'll just leave this here.

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    We get that there is a bug preventing people from moving their fleets while in combat. And we also get that you're trying to protect players with this rule. We really do.

    But you and me know very well that there is no way to prove that a 3rd party probing the target actually did it on behalf of the attacker(s) unless they admit via ingame messages that they did or will do.

    You wanna protect players from losing their fleets due to a bug? Fine. Do that. MAKE THE HIT UNHAPPEN.

    Revert it. Both for the attacker(s) and the defender(s). BUT DO NOT PUNISH PEOPLE FOR SOMETHING YOU CANNOT PROVE.

    I can actually not believe that I have to type out such a basic principle for you to realize how dumb all of this is. You're claiming you're in your position to make it fairer for the players? Prove it.


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  • The true comedy element is that they won't ban bots without "absolute proof" yet with rulings like those discussed here then so much is inferred.

    Remember kids, if you're getting timed back, get some noob to probe within 20 secs before and you'll get your fleet restored (plus you'll get to keep your wreck field as they are pretty dumb). I guess it's nice that they've given all the dodgy folk a 2nd option rather than payment ban, this one can even be profitable!

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  • its all good fellow oGamers

    the rule stays as it is

    whoever probes, if it lags,

    [which we cannot know, only the defender can say, and no reason for them to not be honest!]

    attackers get banned and return profits

    while defender gets fleet restored and keeps the extra WF

    neat step up from payment bans!

    come on everybody, get on the fun trains,

    get your nemesis banned in those few simple steps!

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  • Maybe they get banned not as a punishment, rather give chance for team to identify circumstances of bug and restore issue if possible.

    It would be interesting to see how is the business and management information flow structured, and the hierarchy of positions.

    This is company secret as it should be. I personally would never share this with public.

    Talking about bugs and rules clarification is bad for business.

    I actually agree with this policy.

    So when you get individual approach to rule clarification or bug , it could be because of COMA pushing for you to get answers.

    Would you discuss this with aggrieved party? Or would you keep it behind scene where it should be.

    Mind you , you have to maintain work relationship after this issue is handled. So you can't overstep your position and pressure you're colleagues.

    You were on to something with thread traction to get answers quicker, community pressure is still the best way to give focus on something. Product team may have different focus at the moment.

    There are thousands players at the moment. Only few are active among community. I understand that there are hundreds introverts. So how do you engage rest of the community to participate?

    In game messages brought by GA, COMA were excellent idea. If they succeed after awhile and Ogame team approve in game message voting on board discussion , that would be huge achievement.

    Rather then WOW community i look towards foxhole logistics community ( experienced player base without whom it's impossible to have success )