14-21.01: Tasks Rewards Event

  • Hi all,

    Starting later today, the 14th of January, we will have the reward event active.

    The event will be live on all existing universes at 13:00 Server Time (14:00 CET), with it starting in today's new universes 10 minutes later.

    The event consists of 7 tiers and will be active until the 21st of January at the same times.

    All rewards must be claimed before this time or they'll be lost!

    Each day you will have a series of tasks to achieve and each task will grant tritium.

    The maximum of daily tritium you can accumulate per day is 1300 (+20% if you have all commanding staff active).

    These are the tritium requirements per tier:

    • Tier 1: 1000
    • Tier 2: 2000
    • Tier 3: 3000
    • Tier 4: 4000
    • Tier 5: 5000
    • Tier 6: 6000
    • Tier 7: 7000

    Please note: During the first day, some missions (DF, inactive attack, espionage - mostly fleet missions) may not be working during the first hours. We advise you to start such task later on that day (approx. 5h after the event starts).

    Kind Regards,

    Your OGame.org Team

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