Star Wars: Heir To The Empire, Part 1

  • Long before Disney got their mits on Star Wars, it had a very large Expanded Universe, which encompassed all the books, games.. anything that wasn't the (initially 3, then 6) films (starting before Star wars was first released). Something I very much loved, and still hold dear to me.. without it I would almost certainly never had even heard of Ogame (looking for somewhere to discuss the book series New Jedi Order eventually led me to meeting Cass on some Star Wars forums back in the early '00s).

    The book series that is credited as kickstarting Star Wars was Timothy Zahn's Thrawn Trilogy, starting with Heir To The Empire.

    A rather talented 3d artist under the nick DarthAngelus has been making a animated adaption of the book, chapter by chapter (the Playlist of each chapter is here). When he reached the half way mark last year, he decided to combine them all (and update some of the earlier clips with newer tech he'd gotten since then) into one half of it as a xmas gift to his fans.

    I hope you enjoy, and if your interested, follow the artist to see the rest as it's released, as well as the behind the scenes he does.

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