Im really angry about this. Supernova

  • I just noticed today that they will shut the server down...i spend 10 Euro today and 10 last week.....

    thats crazy that there is no massage that ...hey mate thank you that you play our game ....

    you buy something now but you should now that we delet it in 20 minutes ....

    is it possble to get the bonus back ?

    i have a email with my order......

    its crazzy

    wie kann es sein, dass es keinerlei hinweis gibt.

    ich hab einfach nichts davon gehabt, dass ich diese Dunkle materie geholt habe, um mehr expansionen zu machen.....

    ich habe gerade angefangen und das spiel weiß es sehr gut einen dazu zu bringen wieder aufhören zu wollen.

    hoffe irgendendjemand liest das und hilft mir damit

    Google translate for the German text:

    How can it be that there is no indication.

    I just didn't get anything from getting that dark matter to do more expansions.....

    I just started and the game knows very well how to make you want to stop.

    I hope someone reads this and helps me with it

    - kewlness

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  • Well make a ticket and complain about it. That's what i meant by starting this post.

    I will leave ogame now after they pulled that off.

    But i can say now, Ogame Team i told you so

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  • I've tried making a ticket in support three days ago. No response.

  • You will have to wait for their response and then escalate all the way to CoMa and Gameforge. It will take you weeks to get any outcome.

  • Just got a reply to my ticket. Here is what they said:


    How arrogant...

    Please don't post tickets on the board, regardless of how you feel about them.

    Noticed. ~Rav3n

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  • Not supposed to post ticket here? No problem. But do let me know if anyone receive any constructive feedback from GameForge or Ogame team.

  • :censored:

    Post violates the rule:

    • Avoid posts that are considered: spamming, trolling, flaming, boycotting, “quitting the game”, “violating the Terms and Conditions” or in general upsetting the forum atmosphere.

    - kewlness

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  • :censored:

    You agree to the terms and conditions by creating an account, as know anything else you create an account with. The Terms and Conditions say an indefinate amount of time unless stated elsewhere.

    Could they do a better job of "unless stated elsewhere" ... yes. Have they technically adhered to the rules... yes.

    Its an absolute shit sandwich that you could buy dm still without warning... but such is life.

    Post edited to remove the rule violation.

    - kewlness

    Quit due to shocking support from piink


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  • Your cynicism is inaccurate.

    I have been answering tickets as quickly as possible.

    And several tickets I forwarded to the CoMa/Gameforge without even being asked.

    Shocking, I know...


  • It was aimed at GF (taking weeks), not you and other staff.