Im really angry about this. Supernova

  • I decided to come back to ogame 14 days ago.

    So I created an account again and the latest uni was displayed as a suggestion (s208) Supernova.
    So I started playing normally there and was shocked to find out that it was an event server.

    It was not marked as a temporary uni.

    No Notification nothing. I Just got the information from someone else playing on this server.
    You can't assume that you search for information in the forum beforehand as a returnee.

    Offers for DM and store items are still displayed and you can even buy things. <- I take that alone as a low key scam. You don't mark it in game and still offer things to buy.

    If the uni is really be deleted, I and the others who didn't know anything about it and just came back to ogame will leave the game forever.

    I mean for real advertise an event server on the front page as a normal server. Dont mark it as such and only refer to the forum in a subtext and still offer Ingame offers on this server until the end.
    What kind of business practice is this?

    I will play on this uni and if it get deleted we are out.

  • These unis are already deleted. Absolutely, they should have had a notice both in the lobby and ingame about the nature of this uni.

    I am actually not sure how can they legally delete the account if it had dark matter. They did not prompt to accept any different T&C's upon registering in these universes - which means the original terms and laws apply. It is a major screw up on GF part.

    If you had any paid DM you can try opening a ticket and claim that they are breaking German laws by deleting the account. See what happens.

  • To me this does sound like a low key scam.

    GameForge did say it's a temporary universe, but they did not make it clear at the very begining how they would manage active accounts and unused DM after the closure, neither any notice or warning message appears when one starts the game and particularly when one initiates an in-game purchase. What's more, GameForge intentionally lured players to buy more through some event server-only discounts without telling the players that they will soon delete everything including premium accounts and unused DM. GameForge was exploiting players through an information asymmetry advantage.

    In my opinion, merger is a nature option, otherwise GF needs to come up with a solution to refund unused in-game purchase if they want to avoid legal risk.

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  • I feel badly for people who did not know this event server was a temporary, well, event.

    I think there are some lessons to be learned for Gameforge with this experience.

    The duration of the server was advertised.

    There was a forum thread complete with the Terms and Conditions of the event.

    There were emails sent out.

    I do not have a Facebook account but I bet if I looked I would find the information there as well.

    But I think this is valuable feedback for Gameforge.

  • Forum, Facebook, wherever else other than in-game - it legally means absolutely nothing and I'm sure you know this yourself.

    For any special terms to apply, Gameforge needs proof that the user read and accepted them. They should have been prompted upon registering.

    Any player with bought DM on the account can legally ask for their account back and GF would have zero grounds to deny the request.

  • I am not arguing.

    In fact, I am agreeing.

    I suspect Gameforge thought they had their bases covered which is why I pointed out their methods.

    This is why I said I think this is valuable feedback for them.

  • And the worst thing is that i wasted 14 days doing something what will be deleted , without knowing it

    It sucks, but ogame is a long term game. If you start again in an older uni (even few months old) people will boost you up with resources for fast start.

    If you spent money and have unused DM I suggest to open a ticket and request to be merged to a universe of your choice on the basis that they are not allowed to delete the account. Escalate all the way to gameforge if needed.

  • It was listed as a temporary server. A contest with prizes. You spent some DM and alittle time playing like everyone else. Quit whining and find a new server.

    You obviously don't get where the issue lies. This is one situation where players have every right to "whine" and get a compensation.

  • The serverData contained a termination Date for the Super Nova Servers. Why wasn't that used to indicate the deletion of this servers at the lobby level. Set a marker on the server that has delete date != nil and then everybody knows that this is a server that only lasts 4 weeks until deletion.

    Starttime is used to display the age in days a server exists but the deletion time is not displayed even if it set to a valid value in the future.

  • Not everyone reads the forums, a lot of younger gamers find them archaic and avoid them. A lot of players don't even know that there is an official oGame FB page...and even if they do, they avoid it like the plague (at least with their actual identities anyways...that oGame paranoia runs deep still). And Discord is really not that great as a record-keeping much of the information that comes out in my ally is because one or two of us are forum rats and if we see something important we share it in our Discord, most of the ally would be oblivious if we didn't and I imagine most alliances are like that.

    If you want people to read the forums to review the information, it needs a couple of things:

    1. Incentive, GF seems to love reward tasks...well, add some for registering for the forums, reading the forums, reading specific threads on the forums, posting on the forums, etc.

    2. Clean up the forums, it's a mess...purge the outdated stuff.

    None of that would have helped here though if it wasn't made clear in the lobby, registration process for the special unis though. Which I wouldn't think would be that hard, especially with all the damn large annoying pop-up banners GF likes to strategically time-in place click-bait style in the lobby when I'm trying to login to my damn account.

  • Well said !

  • I'm kindda sad. Just like this i didnt realized this was an event server when i came back a week ago... Gotta say i really enjoyed it. ill love to continue or get same settings in the next uni thanks!!

  • Code
    1. why does GF not make it so that we can move our accounts to other uni´s? so those who have DM should not feel cheated. this was just an idea that would help others with similar problems. you could possibly make a server similar to because there are many people who find speed servers good
  • Code
    1. why does GF not make it so that we can move our accounts to other uni´s? so those who have DM should not feel cheated. this was just an idea that would help others with similar problems. you could possibly make a server similar to because there are many people who find speed servers good

    Why just not keep this uni on... as seems like many people is enjoying it