[TOT: 132.591.000] Dashka [SPQR] vs. YaneK [GAGATKI] (A: 3.022.000, D: 129.569.000)

  • Well Let me start by saying that GAGATKI alliance are the biggest joke of this universe. They need to learn the game.

    Not to generalize, maybe not all of them but at least the ones i encountered

    All started at the beginning of this universe where I kept watching Yanek growing in fleet but he wasnt really using his fleet efficiently.

    I was doing HOFs and Adv all over the place and making my fleet bigger and bigger.

    Than I started probing him (His fleet was still too much for me)

    BUT he didn't like it and he tried to attack my gated moon with a big fleet that i can ninja easily

    BUT my gate wasnt cooling down yet so i couldnt do a thing about it :(

    Later on his alliance mate TOO2 launched a big fleet against my expo small fleet.

    I told him I have rec I will get everything, it is meaningless hit. he just said he will have the fun of hitting me.

    well i hope u enjoyed it :) coz i told u, u and ur alliance will pay for it :)

    l8er on Yanek IPM my planet and attacked me with (AGAIN) a big fleet to kill my 80 LC and get like 300k res :D

    any way here is my revenge

    On 09-02-2022 --:--:--, the following fleets met in battle:

    Attacker Dashka [SPQR]

    Light Fighter 14.474
    Heavy Fighter 568
    Cruiser 14.604
    Battleship 3.516
    Battlecruiser 1.566
    Small Cargo 906
    Large Cargo 1.200

    Defender YaneK [GAGATKI]

    Small Cargo 81
    Large Cargo 8.567
    Light Fighter 4
    Heavy Fighter 12
    Cruiser 96
    Battleship 3
    Espionage Probe 14
    Destroyer 11
    Battlecruiser 1
    Reaper 1
    Pathfinder 51
    Rocket Launcher 10.003
    Small Shield Dome 1
    Large Shield Dome 1

    After the battle ...

    Attacker Dashka [SPQR]

    Light Fighter 13.938 ( -536 )
    Heavy Fighter 562 ( -6 )
    Cruiser 14.586 ( -18 )
    Battleship 3.515 ( -1 )
    Battlecruiser 1.566 ( -0 )
    Small Cargo 880 ( -26 )
    Large Cargo 1.189 ( -11 )

    Defender YaneK [GAGATKI]


    The attacker has won the battle!

    The attacker captured:
    51.630.708 Metal, 10.162.650 Crystal and 9.748.407 Deuterium

    The attacker lost a total of 3.022.000 units.
    The defender lost a total of 129.569.000 units.
    At these space coordinates now float 28.526.500 metal and 27.288.000 crystal.
    The attacker captured a total of 71.541.765 units.

    The chance for a moon to be created from the debris was 21%.

  • Nice.

    Good having learnt them not to IPM for revenge btw. Crashing is the way :)

    Miss Piggy AkA Kei Yuki - Diohane - Dione EN

    Once again, in deep space
    Ex Stonks - Cetus EN

    Ex No Emotions - Umbra EN
    Ex DevilS - Zibal IT
    Ex CaGnE - Xanthus IT