Community Manager farewell and welcome

  • Hello,

    I was waiting for someone experienced or familiar with our comas to create a thread to say something. Maybe it was planned later on, if thats the case this can be closed.

    I never had any contact with piink via official dealings or social. Nevertheless I want to thank her for contribution in this merge and for years serving as org coma.

    I understand that with any job dealing with people there will always be tensions, so some people will be negative.

    I personally don't see a reason not to show respect for job done even if you had issues in past.

    Hope you have positive future with whatever awaits you! This was not an easy position to handle ( between people and colleagues ) , that's why I'm confident you will be fine with next challenges.

    Welcome Prongs! Take this lady for drinks so she gets you ready for this community.

  • I wish to congratulate piink on her creative ways to not answering direct questions during the support process. And her ability to provide completely and utterly unbiased support.

    Congratulations Prongs. Hopefully you can read more than one line of a ticket and answer multiple questions and serve the community in a complimentary way.