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  • Hey space folks!

    First of all: I solemnly swear that I am up to no good

    As some of you might have already noticed, I will be tormenting now the community (it will take a bit with the transition, so please hold the horses and do not send dementors if it will take some time to answer).

    It was 2005 when I first started to play OGame and since then the ride has been crazy. I have been a teamler then techler and finally at some point decided to leave my sunny and windy country and move to a rainny one. With all the changes I never quit playing OGame but due to the lack of time I moved from my favorite play style (fleeter for the win) to a miner one and I got the opportunity to play on a -sometimes- challenging universe with a great alliance with members that I "know" for quite some years and I admire as players (still learning everyday from them). More times than I like I forget that I have the fleet resting somewhere and is not the first time that I'm lucky and I remember to check the game while some attacks are already incoming (you guys don't like to give me a rest, right?), but so far I've been lucky.

    Besides OGame I'm also working with another Gameforge game, Elsword, where I belong to the UK community (a very nice one to be honest).

    Some other things about me...hmm... I love coffee more than I should and I play chess on a daily basis. I think chess is the game that a play for longer and my favorite one (besides OGame ofc :evilgrin2:)

    Regarding the community, I've been here before and replacing piink several times but it feels good to join the familly.

    Respect is a rule for me and I expect it from others as well. All feedback and complains are welcome for me as long as there's no personal target or disrespect and we know how to separate things. I'm pretty sure that on this topic ORG won't disapoint. :thumbsup:

    Please lets use this topic for non-team related topics if you wish to answer.


  • To love coffee is always a plus in my books :)

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