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  • Am I the only one who remembers that CrazyD bought his account in Cosmos, and bragged about how much he spent ....... :lol:

    Alrighty then

    Nice profits, FR attacker if you wish :thumbsup:

    oh thanks to inform us about that, we didn't even know who was playing in bellatrix since a couple of months ago so we weren't aware about those kind of scenarios, but know i understand many things.

    so this c4zy talks about skills when he is not even able to build an account with his money, he needs to pay people to build an account directly :biggrin:

  • Let me rephrase, I forget not everyones frst language is english, you built your accunt through use of DM back in Cosmos, you were quite proud of the fact, and had no problem telling everyone you spend lots of money to get your account to Number one there and how if they wanted to be number One they could also buy DM and do the same, you too are a wallet warrior, the fact that you haven't done so since getting to Bella doesn't mean you didn't do the same at one point.

    Now I'm saying nothing about your ability or level of skill here, you have done some cool hits, but lets be honest in Cosmos without your bought fleet you wouldn't have been able to be as succusful as you were, so comment how someone else who uses DM to enhance their account has no skill because they use DM is a tad hypocritical don't you think?

    Nince Ninja

    FR Attcker, I see you are still probing so you haven't quit :lol:


    ~Armand S

    Thank you Marley :hi:

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  • So much wrong with this post...

    "without your bought fleet you wouldn't have been as successful?"

    so disrespectful. Without the bought fleet, the time several top players decided to quit including (the rank 1) crazy and so orchestrated a rather sizeable goodbye hit at Crazys house only for crazy to collect the DF and have a change of heart and spend all the res on his little old self...or how about when an ally popped up to challenge Crazy. Instead of fighting he joined them (Ronin) anyhow if you cant beat them...join them. So Crazy tucked tail and joined ronin. Quite a characteristic you see as when Cosmos merged with bellatrix Tizoc didn't fancy fleetsaving so rather then you know... have some healthy competition they just decided to have a big circle jerk and have an NAP.

    Personally I am thrilled you are here eternity, Give it time No Sleep, theyll apply and try to be friends :)

    Nice hit, fr def


    ~Armand S

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  • Obviously some people can't keep the thread on topic. Sigh.


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